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Do you know that there are different types of men's personalities- Alpha, Beta, Gama, Omega, Sigma, and Delta? So how will you know if you are the Alpha male?

The Alpha Male is characterized by courage, confidence, a self-driven attitude, a strong sense of purpose, curiosity, generosity, and good decision-making power. He earns that respect for his bold behavior.

Jewelry for men

The way we carry ourselves, the outfits, and the accessories communicate a lot about us. So if you are the Alpha male, we have a whole collection for you. Some must-haves in your collection are:

1. Silver titanium with Inlaid Koa Wood Band Ring

Now, the combination of Titanium and Koa wood is as irresistible as you. Because both are as sturdy and as indestructible as you are. Moreover, the alpha male should have some distinctive collection of accessories. Isn’t it? This small ring is going to leave a good impact because of its exclusivity. Koa wood is considered legendary and honored in Hawaii. It's even used for musical instruments. You ought to wear the best. Go for this one!

2. Silver Stainless Steel 6mm Spiga Chain Link Bracelet 

We have chosen everything for you very carefully. This exemplary and timeless-looking bracelet features the tough Spiga chain. Apart from the strength and durability, its neat symmetrical design and appeal make it an artistic piece. It'll flawlessly compliment the unstoppable gentleman in you.

3. Silver Stainless Steel with Oxidized Antique Finish Cuff Kada

There's something dark, wild, ferocious, and aristocratic about this Cuff Kada that makes it alluring. Thanks to the oxidized antique finish that provides it a royal, vintage effect. Casual, going to that buttoned-up event or a party, this versatile piece will ace every look you carry.

4. Silver Stainless Steel American Flag ID Tag Pendant

There’s nothing better than the American Flag ID tag pendant to showcase your vigilance, perseverance, and that cool, sassy vibe.

An ID Tag pendant is such a strong attitude-carrying accessory that it is enough to say everything about your personality. You can wear this one with a nice ball chain and communicate your virility in style.

5. Black and Rose Gold Stainless Steel Car Grille Tie Bar

Even when you are going to attend that business meeting or corporate meeting, in formal attire, all buttoned-up and wearing that dope tie, let this car grille tie bar do the honor of introducing you as a tough and confident man. The car grille design is unique and looks like a breath of fresh air. The color combination is also elite and sophisticated. You surely need this one. 

You can also have a matching black and Rose Gold Stainless Steel car Grille Money Clip.

 Jewelry For Men

Check out the complete Alpha Collection on our website. These accessories with your savage confidence and free-spirit will be a killer combination wherever you go. Not that the Alpha Male cares, but no harm in some extra compliments, right? Wink!

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Please help me with Titanium mens rings options.

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