Refund Policy

a. You will notify us of your intent to return the product within the 7 day time-framefrom receipt of product.
b. Products will need to be shipped out by the customer and reach the INOX facility within 10 days of initial refund intent conversation with INOX INDIA and the customer. 
b. It is the customer’s responsibility to return the product with the original product, warranty card, branded packaging, and tags (if any) in one shipment. Failure to do so will void the refund processing requests.
c. INOX INDIA will charge 150 INR flat shipping fee for return of products in the case of refunds. This will be deducted from the final refund settlement.
d. The customer will be given a label that needs to be printed out and affixed on a securely taped package. Failure to do so will void the refund processing requests.
f. INOX INDIA will only process the refund once the item has reached our facility. Please allow 30 business days from the time the product reaches our facility to the funds reaching your account. In the case of electronic payments, refunds will be sent back to the account. In the case of COD, the customer can only get Store Credit in the form of a personalized discount code for the amount paid less 150 INR. This coupon code will be valid for One Year from the time of issue. It is the customer’s responsibility to use their code in the valid time frame. New coupon codes will not be issued under any circumstance. Codes can not be combined with other accounts.
g. INOX INDIA does not take title to returned items until the items arrive at the returns address destination. 
h. INOX INDIA will verify that the product returned is authentic and can challenge the product’s authenticity in case of discrepancy. In this instance,INOX INDIA reserves the right to decline processing the refund.