About Us

INOX Jewelry is an American brand that sells high quality stainless steel and alternative metal jewelry. There are over 2,000 different jewelry designs in the INOX Jewelry collection. Designs range from classic, contemporary, religious, edgy to urban. INOX Jewelry offers a large variety of unique designs at affordable prices that are appealing to our customers worldwide. At INOX Jewelry, we take pride in the quality & craftsmanship of each piece. 

Internationally, INOX Jewelry is a growing brand that is gaining prestige rapidly. Since launching INOX Jewelry in the United States, the brand has expanded into Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Turkey and India. 

INOX Jewelry is the brand name of Salesone International. Salesone LLC is an international manufacturer of body jewelry, stainless steel and alternative metal jewelry. The company leads in this space with its unique products and strong trend forecasting capabilities. Inclusive of INOX Jewelry, Salesone also offers over 15,000 styles of stainless steel jewelry, body jewelry, and more. Salesone LLC has been established since 2000. INOX Jewelry is a registered trademark of Salesone LLC.

Exclusive distribution rights in India for the INOX Jewelry brand are held by Shashvi Agencies Pvt. Ltd. Shashvi Agencies focuses on bringing international brands into India for the quality and value conscious customer. All INOX Jewelry merchandise is imported into India.