March 18, 2021 2 min read

Versatility is attractive like none. Explore your versatility and show it off with INOX jewelry. We have something for every look of yours.

1.   Biker Look

The biker look should be dark, dashing, ravening, and sinewy. Choose bold and distinctive colors and designs. We've handpicked the following for you:

Gold Stainless Steel with Black Lava Stone ID Tag Double Franco Chain Bracelet

Designed with precision and featuring the show-stealer black lava stone, this piece has our heart! Lava stones stand for strength and courage. The double franco chain keeps it strong, durable and gives brawny and sturdy feels just like the biker needs.

Darkened Silver Stainless Steel Angel with Cut Out Wings Ring

This statement ring with the darkened silver, and that exclusive design again boldly highlights and conveys about the wanderer in you.

 Biker Look

2.   Work Look

Simple and significant. Subtle and sophisticated. That is how the work look should be. Nothing too sheeny that your boss pinpoints. Consider these two, and you can wear them every day:

Gold Stainless Steel 8mm Diamond Curb Chain Bracelet

It looks genteel and elegant with your formals. Now, that's how you communicate your good fashion taste with minimalistic-looking accessories: nothing extra and just class.

Gold and Silver Stainless Steel CZ Detail Band Ring

The CZ adds a voguish flavor to this subtle ring. It perfectly complements the gentleman in you.

 Work Accessories for Men

3.   Traditional Look

This is something you do not carry every day. Make sure this look is not your regular look. Festivals and functions demand something 'not-so-basic'. You can pair up your ethnic wear with a chain:

Silver Stainless Steel 4mm Venetian Box Chain

This one looks like a designer piece with its neat links, glossy finish, and regal feels. Shine out!

 Traditional Look For Men

4.   Gym Look

You can opt for sporty and rugged chunky-looking designs to ace the gym look. Check these out:

Black Stainless Steel 4mm Industrial Cut Bali

First of all, the black color makes it hot! Next, it looks savage and highlights your muscular side really well.

Silver Stainless Steel Basket Weave Cut-out Cuff Kada

The basketweave design goes well with that broadly built gym body.

 Gym Look for men

5.   Party Look

When heading out to a party, go for accessories that look dope and lavish. Communicate your style and your free spirit with our curated pieces.

Gold Stainless Steel 5mm French Rope Chain

Gold is for confidence. So enter that party like a boss. The French Rope looks uber-cool and blends well with the party vibe.

Gold Stainless Steel with Black Carbon Graphite Bullet Pendant

Do you know the bullet pendant symbolizes amiability and resolute characteristics? So bring out your friendliness and firm nature in a stunning way. Be the head turner of that party.

 Party Look for Men

So you see how every look demands different kinds of accessories. But we promise to be your one-stop-shop for all men’s jewelry requirements. Go tart up every look of yours. Win lots of admiration and don't forget to shop more from INOX.

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