March 25, 2021 2 min read

Do you know how important it is to carry yourself well? Not for the people whom you meet, not for those Instagram posts, but yourself. When you carry yourself well, it keeps you happy and brings a different kind of confidence.

So dress to kill and accessorize well to complete that look every day, even with your casual wear. Here are some cool accessories that complement your casual wear like a pro:


If you are looking for something lightweight, comfy, scratch-proof, and something that you can wear every day with those casual t-shirts, track pants, and flip-flops, you can opt for silicone rings. How about this Gray Silicone 9mm Double Lined Safety Band Ring for your everyday rough and tough lives in style?

You want something strong, durable, and modern with cool designs and colors; you can also go with carbon fiber rings. The Black Stainless Steel Smooth Band with Carbon Fiber Detail Ring is a smart piece.


You can opt for a beaded bracelet or a stainless steel bracelet. Both go well with your daily wear outfits.

How about something like our hot selling Silver Stainless Steel and Black Molten Lava Bead Religious Cross Bracelet? It feels snug, plush, comfy, and looks top-notch with that Religious cross design. Pair it with those denim and casual t-shirts. This bracelet will ace your everyday look. Plus, you get the benefits of lava beads – strength, courage, and control over your negative emotions. Isn't this a win-win deal?

We've got the versatile Black Stainless Steel 6.5mm Figaro Chain Bracelet for the love of chain bracelets. Figaro chains are super strong and also durable. Looks tasteful and swanky, just like you!

Neck Chains

Choose a chain that does not look extra with your casuals, something that blends in well, feels light, and adds a handsome dash to your personality.

Check out this Silver Stainless Steel 2.5mm Round Wheat Chain, which is sleek and trendy. This one will pull-off your casual look smoothly.


Again you should choose something that you won’t have to think about when going to work. It should be something that complements all your unpretentious and easy-going ensembles. You can opt for Gold Stainless Steel Invisible Setting Look Square CZ ear studs, which look aristocratic and evergreen. If you want something even more minimalistic and subtle, you will like the Silver Stainless Steel Pyramid Studs. It adds that crowning blow to your personality.


Pendants carry some kind of appeal and attitude with them. Your everyday energy and attitude have to be positive and cool. Wear the timeless, modish and refreshing Silver Stainless Steel Raised Polish Finished Cross Pendant and add that poise and charm to your casual look.


You can choose from our rest of the collection based on your personality and requirements. We promise to live up to your fashion expectations!

So dress how you want to be addressed. Play it all cool with casuals as well. Casual is comfortable. And let Inox Jewelry always be your styling partner. Go kill it.

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