March 04, 2021 2 min read

There are trends, and then there is timeless fashion. The kadas are something every man can rely on as a go-to accessory. Traditionally, men wore them as a symbol of strength. With time, they have also become a fashion statement accessory. You can find a number of designs and colors in the stores today.

A cuff kada feels not only masculine but also looks savage and stylish with your ethnic wear, casuals, or even formals.

But obviously, it has to be stylish and well-chosen. One should avoid flashy or gaudy kadas. A well-chosen accessory speaks a lot about your personality and indeed adds a charismatic touch.

Do you know how to look like you've been blessed by the style gods themselves? Check out our store for your men's accessory needs. Here are five must-have kadas to drool over:

Mesh Kada

  1. Silver Stainless Steel Basket Weave Cut-Out Cuff Kada

This basketweave cut-out kada is loved for its distinguishing design. The pattern shows amazing attention to detail. It gives a highlight touch to your wide stature and is versatile to go well with your ethnic regalia or your casual ensemble. It's Silver so that you won't have matching concerns. Furthermore, it'll look dope, so you will always be flooded with compliments!

  1. Silver Stainless Steel Overlapping Cable Cuff Kada

If you like the layering effect, this overlapping cable cuff kada will be your favorite accessory in no time. This one is loved for its groovy design and unmatched appeal. It looks trendy, snappy, and speaks about your funky taste. It’s good for both daily wear and party wear.

  1. Darkened Silver Stainless Steel Thin Carved Cuff Kada

If you are not a fan of bulky looking kadas, check out this sleek, intricately designed, and uber-stylish kada. The aesthetic design makes it a perfect choice to compliment your fancy party attire. That stunning kurta-pyjama and this bracelet make a deadly combination. The darkened silver color radiates sheer brilliance and makes it a vibrant and regal piece.

  1. Silver Stainless Steel Chunky Twisted Cable Open Kada

Some of you like it chunky. It complements the build well, highlights your robustness, and is a cool way to communicate. You are the man of the house! Easy to wear and remove, this cable open kada is a ritzy and snug embrace for your wrists. 

  1. Silver Stainless Steel with Oxidised Antique Finish Cuff Kada

Are you fond of antique touches, rugged, dark, subtle, and lavish feels? Let your wrist have a kada affair with this one. It gives a regal look and goes well with even your buttoned-up wear and showers you with compliments like confetti.

 Arrow Kada

So we have every kind of design for your distinctive tastes, preferences, and personalities. You can find more such variety on our online store. All these are hypoallergenic, so people with sensitive skin do not need to worry. Go upgrade your kada collection right away!

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