April 28, 2022 2 min read

Hammered rings are the most preferred choice of rings for couples these days. They have become the new trend due to their rough and somewhat rugged look.

These looks are stylish and peculiar, with a finish from different materials such as gold, tungsten, titanium, steel, cobalt, and more. These features and peculiar finishes cause couples to want them even more. Furthermore, these finishes can be made on a particular part of the ring or the entire part as per your preferences, making it even more interesting. Hammered band rings can also be styled with different designs to communicate the personality and style of the wearer.

Another reason that makes hammered rings the new thing is that they look very natural and organic and are very comfortable despite their rough look.

Here are some hammered band rings available at Inox Jewelry.

  1. Gold & Silver Stainless Steel Hammered Finish Modern Block Band Ring: This piece is bright, shiny, and beautiful. This hammered band will bring great attention to your palm. This eye-catching piece is for you if you love admiration and respect. You can wear it to special occasions like weddings, house parties, or fundraising events.
  2. Black Zirconium 8mm Hammered Band Ring: Dark and sensual, this piece calls out for someone who is calm, reserved, but willing to cross the line and explore when necessary. It can be worn daily to the gym or work (non-mechanical) due to its style, which complements any outfit. One can also wear it to parties as it adds a cool, spicy look to your style, which cannot be ignored.
  3. Black and Rose Gold Stainless Steel Carbon Fiber Inlaid Hammered Band Ring: Hammered into love, this piece is fit for a lover who has been through a lot but is optimistic about a bright future. It depicts confidence and hope. This should be worn by someone who loves challenges, is passionate about his affairs, and is also confident about it. It can be worn to almost every occasion due to its stylish look and exotic finish.
  4. Black and Blue Stainless Steel Matte Finish Hammered Band Ring: This blue wonder hammered into a rough finish is exotic and will melt almost any heart. It is suitable for anyone who loves to be among people and have fun while maintaining a bit of private life. If you are the life of the party, love to go on adventures or explore places with people, this piece is for you. Hard, sensual yet delicate, this piece can be worn to parties, gyms, work gatherings, and any place requiring at least a dozen people.

Hammered rings are great fashion items, but it should be noted that they cannot be resized, unlike other rings. So if you are going for any of the rings, you have to be sure that it fits you or the person you are purchasing them for.

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