May 12, 2022 3 min read

Though the rainy season can be beautiful in the eyes of many, no one appreciates getting soaked by the rain. Therefore, the monsoon season is best experienced from the comfort of your home. However, there are times when you have to step out into the gloomy weather blanketing.

The monsoon season is characterized by potholes, frequent rainfall, and, more importantly, temperatures that switch from simple humidity to utter wetness. So it's a must to dress comfortably for this kind of weather. A lot of fashion enthusiasts still hope to rock it during the monsoon season. You're certainly in the right place if you're in that category.

We'll be recommending some monsoon wardrobe hacks that won't cramp your style even during the rainy season.

Wear Cotton Clothes

Cotton is a safe bet if you hope to stay fashionable and comfortable at the same time. It's the most reliable fabric for the monsoon season. However, choosing cotton isn't enough. It goes beyond that. It balls down to how you wear your cotton. There are cotton dresses and cotton shirts. Another appeal cotton has is that both kids and adults can achieve a killer look with it.

Ladies can wear cotton dresses to look chic yet comfortable. If you're going to events such as a party, a cotton saree will be perfect. Men can put on cotton shirts or tees to combine style and comfort in one look.

Don't Go for Full-Length Bottoms

You may already be guessing the reason for avoiding full-length bottoms during the monsoon season. For those who haven't, the reason is simple. Walking in the rain is less fun if you're walking with muddy or wet bottoms. So we recommend dresses such as wide-leg pants, midi skirts, palazzos, or slim pants with a loose fit. These are better suited to the monsoon season.

What you wear depends on the occasion. For a party, mini dresses will be perfect. For work, a blazer dress can come in handy. A maxi dress can come in handy for casual events, and weekends can work with a drawstring dress. Guys can rock shorts, cargo pants, or three-quarters.

Rock Flip Flops or Other Rubber Footwear

We recommend you avoid stilettos, heels, or any closed footwear. To be on the safer side, avoid wearing velvet and leather footwear during the monsoon season. While we know this may sound blasphemous to lovers of leather shoes and heels, comfort has to take priority over style during the rainy season.

You can invest in rubber footwear such as flip-flops or jelly shoes. Also, wear waterproof socks to ensure your feet stay dry and protected from bacteria.

Dab on Some Jewelry

The rainy season shouldn't stop you from adorning your hands, neck, ears, and other relevant body parts with gorgeous jewelry pieces. There are different kinds of jewelry to suit every personality type and for different wears and occasions. Whether you're into rings, neck chains, bracelets, pendants, or earrings, there is an unlimited supply. Let them compliment your clothes.

Scarf Up

Scarfs aren't bad ideas for the ladies during the monsoon season. They keep you stylish and keep your hair shielded from raindrops at the same time. We recommend beautifully patterned scarfs. It can be a botanical or geometric pattern. You can rock them with casual maxis or a flowery dress.

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