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Curb Chains are popular pieces of jewelry, and it's commonly rocked by celebrities. It's a type of neck chain, but there are also curb chain bracelets too. The curb chain has a classic and simple design. The links are uniform, flat, and closely interlocked to form two distinct grooves.

Usually, curb chains are thick and heavy, but they are also very durable. Initially, it was worn by just men, but now there are thinner and lighter versions for females.

Types of Curb Chains

Despite being on the fashion scene for a long time, they remain relevant and even trendy like other classic jewelry. Curb chains come in various types and finishes. They include:

  • Close curb chains
  • Rounded curb chains
  • Square curb chains
  • Pave curb chains
  • Open curb chains
  • Diamond cut curb chains
  • Flat curb chains
  • Double curb chains
  • Concaved curb chains, etc.

There are so many options to choose from, so we'll be recommending some options that you can pair with your outfit and rock!

Curb Chains to Look Out For

1.    Gold Stainless Steel Curb Chain Bracelet

This bracelet offers a classic look. Gold never fails to stand its wearer out from a crowd. This bracelet can be worn with formal wear, and it's an excellent accessory for a suit. This beautiful piece of jewelry is fitted with a lobster claw clasp, and it measures 8.5 inches in length.

Its beauty is that it's very affordable, so virtually anyone can rock it. We recommend this option for guys.

2.    Silver Stainless Flat Polished Curb Chain

This flat curb chain is simply beautiful, and there is even better news; both genders can rock it. It comes in various lengths (16 -24 inches), which gives buyers options. In addition, it measures 2mm in width. The polished surface of this silver stainless steel jewelry only heightens the appeal. It's fitted with a lobster claw clasp.

It's a versatile piece of jewelry. You can wear it with formal and casual wear. There's simply no limit to what you can wear with this.

3.    Silver Stainless Steel Large Rounded Curb Chain

This round curb chain measures 10 mm in width, and it varies between 18-24 inches in length. It's the perfect designer chain for a party or casual wear. The highlights of this piece of jewelry include the lobster claw clasp, the unique details of the chains, and the exquisite polish finish. It will look great on any neck. We recommend this for guys.

4.    Black Stainless Steel Rounded Curb Chain

This is the perfect option for jewelry lovers who prefer black to silver and gold jewelry. The length ranges between 20 and 22 inches, but its 5 mm width is a constant. It's sleek, unique, versatile, and stylish. It gives you a memorable appearance and will draw repeated glances of admiration. You can wear it casual or party wear.

5.    Silver Stainless Steel Double Curb Chain and Bracelet Set

Why limit yourself to just a curb chain bracelet or necklace when you can get them in a single set? We recommend this because you get to rock your outfit with both the necklace and bracelet. This piece of jewelry is fitted with a lobster claw clasp which gives it a secure fitting on your neck. It's the perfect party jewelry. It's very heavy, though. If you can't handle the weight, you can go for lighter options.

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