May 26, 2022 2 min read

Groove jewelry is a common fashion item. It's so common that you see them every day. Your friends, family members, and even your acquaintances wear it. It's a particular design on a piece of jewelry such as a ring, bracelet, and earring.

They are very popular because they are durable, stylish, and extremely comfortable to wear. They are also waterproof and designed using medical-grade stainless steel.

Benefits of Wearing Groove

1.    It Helps You Protect Your Wedding Ring

If you're wearing the standard wedding band, you'll need to take it off sometimes, depending on what you want to do. However, using a groove ring as your wedding ring doesn't come with such inconveniences. You can wear it for whatever activity and even wash your hands with it. It will come out looking brand-new.

2.    Can be Worn Anywhere and Anytime

They are safe on the skin, easy to clean, and tough. You can't easily damage them. That's why you can constantly have it on your finger or arm, even if you're going to get your hands greasy or dirty.


Top Grooves from INOX Jewelry

1.    Adjustable Blue & Black Stainless Steel Groove Bracelet

While silver or gold stainless steel is a common sight, blue and black stainless steel is not a sight one sees every day. The color combination of blue and black gives it a vibrant and colorful look despite it just being two colors. It's a great clothing accessory, and it's perfect for an everyday kind of wear or party wear.

This bracelet is fitted with a fold-over clasp. Its 9 inches of adjustable length and 11 mm width make it a perfectly sized item for your arm. The beauty of this jewelry piece is that it can go with almost any color of cloth you wear.

2.    Silver Titanium Groove Band

While this classic-looking fancy border band is perfect for a party or everyday wear, it will also make the perfect wedding band. Its 4 mm width makes it a subtle but elegant fixture on your finger. What differentiates this piece of jewelry from the classic wedding band look are the details on the surface. There are double dotted-like lines across the entire width of this silver band.

3.    Silver Stainless Steel Groove Beveled Ring

This ring has a thick width and a brushed surface with slash-like patterns. This makes it distinct from the standard ring look, which is usually plain and with a smooth surface. Its width makes it stand out on your finger and greatly compliments your clothes. It's ideal for a party or casual wear, and it will draw attention. It comes in varying lengths ranging from 18-25 inches.

4.    Silver Stainless Steel Groove Huggies

This is one of those earrings you simply wouldn't want to take off your ear because they look so simple yet elegant. They are 12 mm long, 8 mm wide, and 7 mm thick. You can wear these gorgeous pieces of jewelry to work, with casual wear, and even at home. This earring is fitted with a hinged back closure. The main aesthetic highlight of this piece, apart from its smooth and chic look, is the zirconia gem fitted on top of the earring.


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