April 21, 2022 2 min read

The Figaro link chain originates from Italy and is mostly manufactured there to date. It has a simple design, and just as its name implies, it is made up of 2 (or sometimes 3) links which are shorter than the main chain link. It can be worn to complement pendants like medallions/crosses or worn just as it is.

The Figaro Link Chain is more popular than many other chains. Therefore, more people tend to have at least one of them in their collection. This chain can be worn by men and women alike. However, it tends to be worn by men the most, and this may be due to the simplicity of its design.

At INOX Jewelry, there are quite a remarkable number of Figaro chain links in store. However, before purchasing any of these chains, it's essential that you know how to wear them.

  • A 20" chain (collarbone level) should be worn without a pendant.
  • A 22" chain (a bit below collarbone level) can be worn with or without a pendant.
  • A 24" chain (best option for tall people and falls between the collarbone and middle of the chest) can be worn with or without a pendant. It's also best not to tuck it into your shirt.
  • A 30" chain (exactly chest level) should be paired with other chains (layering) or worn individually. Do not wear any pendant with this.

Here are some of the best Figaro link chains you should have in your collection.

  1. Black Stainless Steel 9mm Figaro Link Chain: This piece is suitable for someone with some heavy build. It gives you a confident look that commands respect and makes others aware of your presence. It can be worn for formal occasions.
  2. Silver Stainless Steel 3mm Figaro Polished Chain: Polished to finesse, this piece looks delicate and can be worn without any additions if you want your style to look simple yet great. However, you can add an extra chain at the collarbone level if you want to accentuate your looks.
  3. Black Stainless Steel 6mm Figaro Classic Chain: Bold, dark, and classy, this piece has a unique look and is suitable for anyone who wants to look attractive without being flashy. It can be worn to both formal and informal events.
  4. Gold Stainless Steel Polished 6mm Classic Figaro Chain: This piece symbolizes charm, confidence, and respect. It is also simple and well-fitted for a simple and outgoing persona. This can be worn to almost any occasion except the gym, funerals, and work. If you like to look sole yet classy, this is a must-have.
  5. Blue Stainless Steel Solemn Jewelry Collection 3mm Figaro Link Chain: This is a well-designed piece exhuming positive and masculine charms. This piece is for one who dreams big and is never afraid to go the extra mile. Wearing this as a single piece will do magic and let anyone know that you are not afraid of challenges. This charming blue piece can be worn to the gym, parties, and casual events.

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