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The earliest record of men’s fashion jewelry is from 5,000 BC. At that time, both men and women equally wore gold and silver jewelry. However, somewhere along in history, men started to wear less jewelry compared to women. Somehow, it was the women that were more into jewelry, and it wasn't a mainstream for men anymore. Well, that’s unfair in so many ways. But things are changing as more and more men are re-discovering their jewelry style and accept it as part of their identity. Men from every corner seem to love the idea of wearing jewelry. The only downside is that some men tend to make mistakes with their jewelry. They have all the best intentions and love wearing their jewelry pieces, but they can't get it right.

Here are the mistakes that men make with jewelry:

#1 Your skin tone matters a lot

Each person has its undertone that looks well with certain textiles and metals. The best way to determine what suits you most is to try the different pieces. For example, neutral skin tones go well with yellow and white metals, whereas warm skin tones look nice with yellow metals (rose and yellow). Then there are also cool skin tones that are perfectly matched with light metals (any white tone).


#2 They don’t mind the size of the jewelry

You can’t wear a thin bracelet if you are 6’5 and weigh some 120 kg. That won’t be appropriate at all. One of the most important rules about wearing jewelry is to mind its proportion to your body.

Here are some guidelines for your consideration:

  • Men with wide necks should wear longer necklaces.
  • Men with big hands and wide wrists look good with large watches or bracelets with chain.
  • People with big fingers can handle a bigger ring. 
  • Slender men should wear smaller pieces of jewelry.


#3 They think all jewelry is feminine

That’s wrong on so many levels. To name a few, marines proudly wear their dog tags, today’s kings and royalties wear rings and necklaces as a sign of their power, the Pope himself wears his ring (ring of the fisherman) as a symbol of power, and so on.

Then you have iconic Ranveer Singh, who adorns his outfits with many accessories. For example, the famous Bollywood actor was once seen wearing gold chains with gangsta looks. Even the mighty Salman Khan wears a bracelet.

The point is jewelry can bring out your manly side in the same manner as certain jewelry is designed to be an expression of feminism.


#4 Unbalanced jewelry

This is a common mistake made by many men. For example, two or three necklaces stacked on each other are the furthest thing from balanced jewelry. Another example is a small watch on one hand, while the other one is covered with a ton of bracelets. Most times, all it takes is to keep things simple.


#5 They don’t mind the occasion

In this regard, there is a lot to learn from women as they tend to have jewelry for every occasion. Now, know that it takes time to match the jewelry collection of a woman, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be smarter about it.

For example, you can’t go to a job interview wearing jewelry like Jack Sparrow. That sends the wrong message. Some may see it as disrespectful or even offensive.


At the same time, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear any jewelry at all. Just that it needs to be something less ambiguous. It’s all about balancing and maintaining an equilibrium of sorts. You can buy stainless steel rings, men’s chain bracelet, dog tag necklace and many other such accessories from our website and express your style.


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