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    People look at other people's rings and make assumptions. They conclude and criticize how and where to wear your rings. Sometimes they are right, and often they are not. Then some think rings are just fashion accessories; an old tradition that doesn't have its place in the modern world. They can't find anything serious about them and discard any other suggestions.

    If you are reading this, then you are most likely curious about rings and their symbolism. Here is an introduction in the world of rings and their symbolism. That way, whenever someone opens the topic, you will be armed with exceptional knowledge. This information can come pretty handy if you ever want to buy a ring.

    Here we go!

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    Why do people wear rings?

    There is no point going into the symbolism of rings if we don’t know why people wear rings in the first place. It’s a common thought that rings are beautiful and that’s why most people wear rings. It is a symbol of wealth and status. Sometimes, it’s passed on as a family heirloom, and it's a brilliant way to continue family history. Nevertheless, here are the other reasons why men wear rings:

    • Marriage 
    • Relationship status
    • Culture
    • History
    • Religion
    • Personal Preferences and Affection 
    • Culture
    • Sports Achievements

    Another thing about rings and their symbolism is how we wear them, on which hand, and then on which finger. There is always some meaning in that. Some people wear silver stainless steel rings, while others wear a cool black stainless steel motorcycle chain ring.

    Most people wear their rings on their right hand because it is their stronger hand, whereas the left hand is considered the “thinking” hand. Plus, for most folks, it’s recessive.

    As far as rings and fingers are concerned, here’s how it goes.


    The Symbolism of a Ring on the Little Finger

    This pinky finger doesn’t hold some religious or cultural meaning, at least not in most mainstream cultures and religions. However, it is often associated with quick intelligence, good communication skills, and great intuition. People that wear rings on their pinky fingers are considered very good negotiators.


    The Symbolism of a Ring on the Middle Finger

    The symbolism here speaks of a person that is very responsible, self-critical and attracted to beautiful things. It doesn't matter whether it is worn on the right or the left hand; the symbolism is as described.


    The Symbolism of a Ring on the Ring finger

    The symbolism here is well-known as it suggests marriage, love, loyalty, and creativity. So, no surprises here!


    The Symbolism of a Ring on the Index Finger

    A ring on the index finger, on both hands, sends a message of someone that is born leader, one that doesn’t shy away from the opportunity to take responsibility. At the same time, that is associated with beauty, self-analysis, and justice.


    The Symbolism of a Ring on the Thumb

    A ring on the left thumb speaks of a person with a strong will that is also very bold and assertive. On the other side, if it is worn on the right thumb, it speaks of your inner conflicts and self-doubts.


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