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One of the biggest misconceptions of the 20th century is that bracelets are not manly. It’s equally fascinating that some people still believe that. However, if you look at our history, you might recall the fact that both kings and warriors wore bracelets and armbands. The Vikings, some of the most fearless warriors in history, wore bracelets and other jewelry with great pride. Men of great wealth in ancient Rome wore bracelets as a display of their status and power. The bond between great men and bracelets was strong for many centuries.

So yes, bracelets are quite manly, and men should wear them, as many do even today. If this comes as a surprise to you, then you probably wonder - why today’s men wear bracelets? Well, here are some of the top reasons why modern men wear bracelets.


#1 A Bracelet can be a Conversation Starter

Interesting accessories can easily draw attention - “that’s a cool bracelet, where did you buy it?”. That’s a pretty solid opener and used by many people. Some will open with that because they are genuinely interested in your bracelet, others because they want to get close to you.


#2 Create Instant Association

Bracelets are part of many cultures, ancient and present. Wearing one can say a lot about your heritage, status, religious views, spirituality, and so on. It can serve as a subtle clue about your personality that many people will find intriguing. That will help you to distinguish yourself in a uniform world and present yourself in your way.

It is much easier for people to relate to other people and connect if they know you share some common views. A bracelet can do that for you.


#3 Personal Significance

Some people wear bracelets made by their children, while others wear one that they've made themselves during their days spent in the army. Then some wear one given to them by someone they've loved. Even if no one has given you one, you can always buy one that will heave a deeper meaning. One that will associate you with some event or a person for which you care greatly.

The point is that many wear men's stainless steel bracelets because they are related to something personal with a deeper meaning for them. It is an emotional bond that is strong, which makes them cling to the bracelet like it is a precious stone.


#4 Reveal another Side of Your Personality

Working in an office all day long, wearing a tie and a suit might be your mandatory dress code. However, that doesn’t mean you are an uptight type of person. Unfortunately, that’s the stereotype behind people that wear suits and ties. 

A silverblack bracelet is a subtle way of saying that there is more than a suit and tie. There is a person whose wild spirit is still present and that you are also a fun person to be with.


#5 Because You Like Wearing a Bracelet

Sometimes, there isn't a particular reason, some subtle metaphor, fashion statement, or a deeper meaning that comes with the bracelet. Sometimes it is because you like having it on your hand. You like the way it looks, and you can imagine yourself without it.

 Alpha Male

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