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    Your brother might give those tough looks but trust us; he will smile for an entire day if you gift him something cool this Rakshabandhan. He is promising to be your life-long bodyguard, and he deserves to be pampered in return. Doesn't he? So we have a plan! Be his personal stylist this year and gift him some swanky accessories that he'll remember for long.

    Rakhi Gifts

    • A bracelet for his braced up attitude

      That rakhi thread you tie will leave his wrist in a week or so. Why not give him a bracelet and arrest his wrist for long? Guys love chain bracelets. It adds a statement to their ferocious personality. You can also have an engraved ID bracelet if you want to keep it even more personalised. There is a wide range of styles and patterns available for men’s bracelets today. A toggle bracelet for that funky dude or a chunky weave bracelet for those heavy wrists – what matches your brother’s personality?

      • A ring that's not so bling bling 

        Who said men’s accessories are supposed to be plain and boring? Get an edgy and fashion ring that your brother can flaunt. He’ll drool over that glossy stainless steel spinner ring. Carbon fiber is also the new cool. A carbon fiber banded block ring will make him jump in excitement! Do you bet?

        • Dog tags or a pendent to be dependent on

        Dog tags were initially used for military purposes with their names and IDS inscribed on the tag. Today, they have entered the fashion world. Gift your brother a classic stainless steel dog tag and get his name inscribed on his heart! These can be plain or can have some text or engravings on them. You can also opt for a pendant which is symbolic and something that suits his personality. How about a skull pendant for your devil or a religious cross pendant for the calm big brother?

        • Neck chains for your mains

          Get a classic chain for his neck to amp up his style! The fashion market today is flooded with various designs and patterns for stylish neck chains. From stainless steel French rope chains to ball chains to flat curb chains, you can go for any. That chain is going to roar about his charisma!

          • A stud for the Fashionable Bro 

            Get a classy pair of studs for those pierced ears! Imagine your brother wearing a stud which looks just so classy! We know your eyes have that dazzle right now! Depending upon his style you can opt for different stud shapes. What is going to suit his swagger? Round dome studs, pyramid-shaped studs or hexagon shaped studs?

            Still confused with what accessory you should get for your personal roaster, we suggest you give him an E-gift card! Let him decide what he wants and save yourself from all the thinking.

             Rakhi Gifts

            Cool enough, right? You never know he might double your Rakshabandhan 'shagun' after getting these! Happy celebrations.

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