March 17, 2022 2 min read

Chains are bold jewelry statements. It's tempting to wear exactly what a celebrity has worn because it looks good on them. However, it's essential that you do not give in to those feelings.

Chains are like clothes, and there are sizes for each body type. If you wear what's not for you, you will look weird and out of place. So before getting that chain, you need to know your measurement and what's for you.


If you are average-sized, you need a 20" chain that will fall on your collarbone. Using a tape rule, measure your neck. If your neck is around 18", then a 20" chain is for you.

If your neck size is above 19", then a 22" chain will fall below the collarbone for you. You can also adorn this chain with a pendant.

If you are tall, with a long neck, a 24" chain is for you. It falls between your collarbone and the middle of your chest. You can wear it with a pendant.

A size 30" chain falls in the middle of your chest and is ideal for a tall person with a big build. You can wear it alone or in layers but do not use a pendant.


Thick Chains to Consider from Inox Jewelry

This 7mm piece is for a simple man who doesn't want to draw attention to himself but wants to look good anyways. You can wear this outside a shirt without a pendant. It is suitable for cool house parties, clubs, or informal meetings.

This is a beauty that cannot go unnoticed. This chain is suitable for a man who knows what he wants and goes for it. It speaks charm, fun, and class.

This chain has a spiritual meaning. You can fine-tune its meaning through your dressing sense. This is an alluring piece that will inform anyone who sees you that you are spiritual and hold dearly to the things or matters that concern your soul. It also speaks of boldness and charm.

It’s an alluring set that catches the attention of many at any day or time. Its design speaks of mystery and fierceness. While it's alluring, it never fails to speak to those who see that you are a mysterious person. You can wear it to formal meetings that require bold stands.

This chain is an angelic beauty in its raw form. It singles you out for greatness wherever you go. It informs others that you are a shining light that can't be put out. It is tempting, exotic, and alluring. When you wear this, everyone will notice you. So be ready for the respect that will come. This piece is suitable for events or occasions where your importance must be laid out and reinforced.

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