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Significance of Dragons

Dragons are wise creatures who great monarchs sought to acquire knowledge from them. They are a symbol of beauty, fierceness, strength, bravery, courage, along with wisdom and knowledge.

Besides their physical and emotional attributes, dragons are known to have powerful spiritual representations. They are a symbol of longevity, strength, mystery, and good luck. They are also cunning and bring chaos to those who defy them.

Why should you own a dragon jewelry piece?

Owning a piece of dragon jewelry reveals who you are to strangers and also reminds you of what you are or hope to become. If you are strong, self-reliant, and wise, you should own a dragon piece. This will help to keep you on track and remind you of your goals and desires.

Dragon jewelry at INOX

1. Darkened Silver Stainless Steel Fierce Dragon Ring

This ring screams fierceness and bravery. You should buy it if you possess these qualities and want people around you to know that you are not someone to be toyed with. It commands respect anywhere you go, so you should wear it anywhere you demand respect. It can be a formal or informal meeting, family gathering, parties, clubs, etc.

2. Silver Stainless Steel Biting Dragons Bracelet

This bracelet bites. It puts your competitors or enemies off guard and lets them know who is in charge. It instills fear and command. You should wear it to a meeting where you need to create an impression. This symbol simply states that you can bite if tempted to. There is no better way to make your stance without words!

3. Darkened Silver Stainless Steel Oxidize Finish Wyvern Dragon Ring

This ring tells of a difficult past and a brave future. If you have dark times but are ready to rise again or have risen bravely from great challenges, then this is for you. You can wear it and let people around you know that you are in charge of your mind and spirit again. You are ready to face whatever comes your way with strength.

4. Silver Stainless Steel with Black Onyx Bead Biting Dragons Bracelet

This is a very bold piece of bracelet that says that you are a fighter who will never give up. It speaks of bravery, longevity, and competence. It speaks for a fighter who will never back down, even at the worst. You can buy this if you have been in a battle of emotions or have had to make a tough decision. You can also wear it to a gathering filled with competitors to let them know that you won't back down and will fight with all you have got. Enthralling, captivating, and menacing at the same time, this piece requires you to act the part and train your mind.


If you are going to wear any of the above pieces, you must be in tune with what you are wearing. So pick what relates to you most and embody it.

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