April 07, 2022 3 min read

Pendants add spice to style. They are the concluding item with a major voice. Putting on a chain that falls a little below the collarbone is incomplete without a pendant. Pendants communicate your style to everyone. It symbolizes who you are without a word from you. It also stands as a guiding light to purpose and self-discovery.

There are various pendants that are available to choose from, such as arrowhead pendants, spearhead pendants, Chinese lion head pendants, etc. All these types are remarkable in their way, but none as engaging and astonishing as the Dog Tag.

At INOX Jewelry, various types of dog tags are available, carefully crafted to fit as many personalities and tastes as possible.

Here is a quick look at five dog tags you absolutely need to own.

  1. Darkened Silver Stainless Steel Oxidize Finish Lion Head Inlaid Dog Tag Pendant with Chain: This dog tag has a powerful look. It tells anyone who sees you that you don't bluff and aren't one to cross. The lion's head symbolizes leadership and strength. You should buy this if you are bold and have strong opinions which you wouldn't change easily. The silver design shows that you don't seek attention, but that doesn't make you less noticeable. This can be worn to a family or business event where important decisions are made, and you need to acknowledge leadership and strength.
  2. Silver Stainless Steel Black Carbon Fiber Dog Tag Pendant with Chain: This piece depicts mystery, courage, and strength. It lets people know that you are observant and you see it all. It also depicts patience. This can be used as daily wear as it is quite stylish in a melancholic way. Wearing this daily will also encourage you to be mysterious and ready for action, just like the lion head, which seems to be crouching in a corner, but not out of fear.
  3. Black and Gold Stainless Steel Matte Finish Cut-Out Frame and Hammered Design Dog Tag Pendant with Chain: This piece is not only eye-catching and beautiful, but it also reflects an optimistic soul. This is for anyone who is optimistic about the things going around and wants others to know that. It also speaks of importance. This can be worn to an important event where you need to leave your mark in the mind of others, letting them know that you are in charge of your life and bold about it.
  4. Gold Stainless Steel Black CZ Accented Religious Prayer Dog Tag Pendant with Chain: This is a symbolic spiritual piece. It is made for a person with strong desires and undying faith. When you wear this, you inform people about your inner strength, loyalty to your beliefs, and a desire for supernatural things. It also shows that you have a past that you have faced or face every day and are ready to do whatever it takes to correct your wrongs. This can be worn to a spiritual gathering or a place where you remember your past and reminisce on it.
  5. Black and Silver Stainless Steel Antique Finish Fish Hook and Dog Tag Pendant with Chain: This piece informs people there is more to you than they think. It depicts a cutting-edge personality that will fight for love and beliefs. You should wear this to a place where you want people to know that you do not give up easily.


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