March 10, 2022 2 min read

Cable rings are gradually becoming famous. Due to their unique look and make, more people are adopting this piece and trying to make the best of it.

Cable rings are diverse with different inlays. They are also mixed with gold, stainless steel, and other materials to give an alluring look.

If you are new to cable rings or are unsure about what to get, you should check out some of the cable rings listed below.

1. Black & Silver Stainless Steel Exposed Cable Studded Border Ring

This piece is exquisite and can be used as a wedding or promise ring. The studs around it speak class, making it hard to ignore. Anywhere you go, this piece will call for attention, and you will definitely have it. It can be worn to fundraising parties, auctions, and any formal party event that requires you to look your very best.

2. Black & Silver Stainless Steel Oval Framed Cable Spinner Ring

This can be an heirloom calling for respect. This ring commands respect wherever you go. It lets people know that you are confident, in charge, and observant. You can wear it to a business meeting where you need to make tough decisions, a family gathering, or a formal work event. You can style and wear this piece in a classy, graceful, and not loud outfit.

3. Rose Gold, Black, & Silver Stainless Steel Engravable Cable Ring

This piece includes a mixture of a few colors. Meanwhile, gold is most dominant here and catches the eye first. This piece is for someone who is essential and wants to be partly noticed and partly in the shadows. It also speaks of importance and confidence. One can wear it to a wedding event, fundraiser, and formal dinner or lunch.

4. Silver Stainless Steel Ring with Three Inlaid Cables

If you want to stand out in a crowd, you should buy this. The silver stainless steel won't draw attention to you instantly. However, it definitely would make people around you know that you are different, especially when they have seen it. This piece is suitable for informal events. You can wear it to the gym, breakfast, or an informal gathering. This piece was designed to 'conceal,' so wear it when you want to conceal some parts of yourself.

6. Silver Stainless Steel with Intertwined Cables 7mm Band Ring

This is a beautiful and exquisite ring. It will definitely do well as a romantic gift to your significant other. It's is valuable at first sight and in quality also. If you want to reaffirm your vows or apologize to your partner for something, this is the perfect gift. It can also be bought as a wedding or engagement band for your significant other if they are the type who love quiet beauties. It can also be passed down to your children or their mates as a parting or welcome gift. This piece can never go wrong as a gift.

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