March 04, 2022 2 min read

Blue is an exceptional color with different shades, spices up your style. It is no news that almost everyone loves the color blue. Most people like it because it offers elegance, others prefer it due to the color of the sky, and some prefer it as the color draws attention to them.

There are many reasons besides these, and blue will always be among the top choices of color. This article will help you make those dreams a reality with the right pick.

Blue Jewelry for men

1. Silver Stainless Steel with Blue Cracked Agate 6mm Bead Stackable Bracelet

If you love feeling in control or in sync with the universe and energy around you, this is the right bracelet for you. This magical blue bracelet can grace your wrist when you have a family gathering or visit a religious place. It shows everyone that you are in control and conscious of the energies around you.

2. Silver Stainless Steel with Blue Hematite 6mm Cube Bead Stackable Bracelet.

This piece can be wrapped around your wrist in layers. It's a good option for camp and summer outings. One can also wear it to a yoga class. It's chic and fun.

3. Blue Stainless Steel Denim Fade Collection Curb Cuban Chain and Bracelet Set

This set speaks for fun and thrills. It can be adorned in formal or informal wear, depending on how you style it. For formal wear, the chain can be tucked into a shirt, while for informal occasions, it can be left to hang just below the collarbone.

4. Silver Stainless Steel, Black Agate, Blue Coral & Tiger's Eye Stone 6mm Bead Stackable Bracelet

This piece is an eye-catching and unique one. It is most suitable for a celebration. Its blue is bright, shiny, and calling. Therefore it is difficult to ignore. So, if you wear this, be ready to be the center of attention.

5. Silver Stainless Steel with Blue Tiger's Eye & Black Molten Lava Bead Expandable Bracelet

This is suitable for daily wear. You can wear it to the gym, work and parties. Its blue is not shiny, but it emanates grace, charm, and confidence.

6. Blue & Silver Stainless Steel Star with Stripes Spinner Ring

This piece speaks courage and loyalty. It is most suitable for a male who has his own strong opinions and is not afraid in the face of danger. If you wear this, you are not only brave but brilliant.

7. Darkened Silver Stainless Steel with Blue Turquoise Stone Bead Expandable Bracelet


A unique and bold bracelet is suitable for those with the brightest minds and styles that are not the norms. If you wish to provoke thoughts and challenge the norms of fashion, you should wear this.


At INOX Jewelry, there are even more captivating blue picks for you. If you haven't found your taste in the above collections, you can browse through the store as there is always something for you.

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