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There is no denying double wrap bracelets are the hottest jewelry accessory. Everyone is trying to buy double wrap bracelets because they go with any outfit from dresses, t-shirts, formal and even evening wear. Both men and women can also wear them. This makes it even more popular as everyone is welcome to try it. Getting yourself a double wrap bracelet from INOX Jewelry Store is one of the best decisions you can ever make because they are not only trendy, but they rarely slip. In addition, they make you look like you are wearing two bracelets while you are wearing one.

Double wrap bracelet styles

Double wrap bracelets come in very many forms and styles. Some of the most popular styles include:

1.    Braided leather

One can wear braided leather double wrap bracelets in different settings like formal and casual events and even the office. The leather material makes the braided bracelet stand out.

2.    Tech series

These are just simple double wraps. Like braided leather, they are suitable for any setting. However, the tech series is waterproof, and one can use it when hiking, swimming, golfing, attending formal meetings, etc. The easy loop on the double wrap keeps it in place.

Why are double wrap bracelets so popular?

1.    Looks trendy and perfect for every occasion

Double wrap bracelets are fun and easy to wear. The designs make them look classy and easy to wear. You can wear them to both formal and casual engagements and they help you avoid spending on another bracelet. They are also less likely to slip or slide, which means you do not have to worry about losing your bracelet anywhere.

2.    Creates an illusion

Double wrap bracelets make it look like you are wearing two bracelets, but you are only wearing one. This helps people who feel awkward about wearing two or more bracelets comfortable. Also, if you are going for a layered look, this is the way to go.

How to pick a suitable double wrap bracelet?

  1. Choose something sophisticated- A simple bracelet goes a long way. It would help to avoid going for something too expensive or flashy.
  2. Who are you buying the bracelet for?- Make sure the person you are buying the bracelet for also likes it. Please avoid getting any double wrap bracelet without putting some thought into it.
  3. Go for something that is easily noticed- Though you are going for something simple, make sure that it is noticeable. This can be done by picking the right color and design. However, you shouldn’t go for something too flashy, or that makes a huge statement.


There is no doubt that double wrap bracelets are a must-have for both men and women. However, one needs to be careful when picking the design. Go for the right design that will be simple and easily noticeable. You can get the best double wrap bracelets from Inox Jewelry Store.

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