December 17, 2020 2 min read

ID bracelets were initially used for just representing important medical conditions of a patient. Any medical information that required immediate attention was inscribed on tags or bracelets, and these were known as medical identification tags and medical ID bracelets.

Gradually ID bracelets and tags entered the fashion world. Today people get their names or favorite quotes or special dates engraved on ID bracelets and tags.

You can check out some stylish ID bracelets at INOX.

1. Dark Gray and Rose Gold Stainless Steel on Large Brown Silicone Curb ID Tag Bracelet

Oozing opulence, this ID Tag bracelet looks chunky to compliment the wide macho stance. However, it is lightweight, so your wrists do not compromise on comfort. The use of Silicone makes it attractive and durable. Completing your sporty or casual funky look well, this bracelet will become your favorite accessory in no time!

2.Silver Stainless Steel & Black Carbon Fiber ID Bracelet

Silver is a versatile color. Most of us pull it off well with almost any kind of outfit. So whether you want to carry this bracelet to work or to the weekend house party, this bracelet will slay the look in any case. Black fiber graphite used in the center makes it even more likable.

3.Silver Stainless Steel with Lapis Stone ID Tag Double Franco Chain Bracelet

This swanky piece carries a Lapis Stone, which is known for relieving you from stress, keeping your vibrations positive, and giving you more peace. And apart from the benefits, it definitely adds a charm to the bracelet making it all the more fascinating. Franco chains are interlinked V link chains. These are sturdy enough like you to carry heavy stones or metals like a pro! At INOX, there is only place for the best quality materials.

4. Gold Stainless Steel with Black Lava Stone ID Tag Double Franco Chain Bracelet

The confident people carry the gold! This alluring piece carries a lava stone. These stones are again special as they are said to have properties to keep you calm and grounded. Franco chains assure the firm grip. Talking of looks, this one is a swagger piece you had been looking for that special occasion!

5. Silver Stainless Steel with Tiger's Eye Stone ID Tag Double Franco Chain Bracelet

We make sure we bring you the most aesthetic pieces! This is another unique ID bracelet carrying the Tiger's eye stone. This special stone is said to bring good luck first of all. Next, it is said to bring focus and clarity to your lives. It relieves you from stress as well. Moreover, it looks so fascinating that you can’t resist falling for it. This bracelet is one amazing pick!

Did you think ID bracelets were boring? We at INOX have taken the responsibility to clear the misconceptions and surpass your expectations! All your accessory needs will be fulfilled with the choicest picks we promise! So hey there, fashion heads! What are you waiting for? Click on your favorite one now!

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