December 24, 2020 2 min read

Your spirit animal is the animal you feel the most connected to. These are said to be messengers and guides in the form of animals. For example, If you are impulsive, a leader, competitive and headstrong, it is usually connected to a cheetah! So the cheetah is your spirit animal in this case.

People who believe in horoscopes also believe in spirit animals according to the birthday months. 

Wearing animal rings and bracelets is communicating about your personality fashionably and confidently. So we bring you the coolest collection of animal rings and bracelets.

1. Darkened Silver Stainless Steel Fierce Wolf Head Ring

If you listen to your instincts and if you are the man of loyalty and guardianship, the fierce wolf is your spirit animal. Proudly flaunt your expressive side with this beautifully carved out wolf head ring. Complimenting your sporty and funky wear well, this ring is a savage piece for the savage man in you!

2. Gold and Darkened Silver Stainless Steel Lion's Head Ring

The lion stands for unparalleled courage and strength. Say that you have the heart of a lion with this statement jewelry. This lion's head ring is subtle and yet majestic. The ring has absolute attention to detail. Enter the party like a boss, with this party wear accessory. Gold ion plating is an advanced surface finishing technique that has been used for this ring, which keeps it protected from getting oxidized. In fact, all men's jewelry at INOX has ion plating on it.

3. Darkened Silver Stainless Steel Eagle Profile Ring

Well, the eagle represents a lot! Inspiration, all-seeing eyes, speed, and victory. So if you feel connected to the eagle, we have the perfect pick for you. High-quality stainless steel and matte finish make this ring super attractive. Bold and royal, dark and mysterious, this artistic piece is eye-catchy. Fans of the gothic style, are you listening? Even if you want to rock the biker look, this ring will be your go-to accessory.

4. Darkened Stainless Steel Snake Bracelet

Representing transformation and healing, snakes have always had importance in our culture from ancient times. Grip your wrists in style because this genteel piece pulls off the fancy look like it has been blessed by the style gods themselves! Heal and enjoy the voguish feel!

5. Silver Stainless with Black Onyx Bead Biting Dragons Bracelet

Dragons stand for wisdom and hidden knowledge. Further, biting dragons represent the circle of life. So if you are spiritually inclined, love supernatural things, you will crush over this biting dragon's bracelet. The dragon design paired with black beads adds an enthralling look to this piece. Carry it like a Rockstar to that party!

If you choose to wear statement jewelry like animal rings and bracelets, you are undoubtedly unique, bold, and confident enough to communicate your personality to the world. We’d like to be your styling partners for all your statement jewelry needs, and we promise to give you nothing but the best!

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