December 10, 2020 2 min read

Pierced men are often caught looking for some voguish and sophisticated earrings. A good selection of earrings adds charisma to the personality and hands down! Men with good taste in fashion are irresistible!

So how many of you are fond of crystals? Surf the internet, and you'll know how popular crystals are! These crystals don’t just look attractive, but they are also believed to ensure the flow of positive energies. It is something fascinating and also has benefits, which is always a win-win deal.

Earrings for men 

So we have the coolest crystal earring suggestions for you guys. 

If you are looking for studs:

1. Silver Stainless Steel Princess Cut Crystal Square Studs

A princess-cut shape is a modified square-ish shape adding a dash of modish looks to the studs. The crystals amplify the appeal. Post and butterfly closure makes removing or putting them on again convenient. This pair is subtle enough to attend the office black tie events and dapper enough to ace your look for the weekend party.

Style guide: Pale and fair skins and faces with round shapes carry silver studs, and princess cut shapes like a style god!

2. Gold Stainless Steel Four Black Pyramid Crystal Square Studs

Four black pyramids, four times the charm! Who does not fall for black? The gold stainless steel surrounding makes it even more elegant. This crystal pair of studs is going to be your all-time favorite and last moment savior for any party.

Style Guide: Gold color suits dark skin tones the best.

If you prefer Huggies

1. Silver Stainless Steel 7mm Grooved-line White Crystal Earrings

Of course, groovy men like some grooved lines! These meticulously designed huggies have just the perfect shape, and the crystal adds a highlight touch to these.

Style guide: Men with wide stature nail it when they wear broad huggies.

2. Silver Stainless Steel 4mm Sand Finished White Crystal Earrings

This pair looks like an artistic piece. The attention to detail is striking, and so is the use of cubic zirconia in this one. This pair pulls off the party look like a pro.

Style guide: Oblong faces, are you listening? This one is best for you.

3. Silver Stainless Steel Triple Row Black Crystal Huggies

Can't help falling for black crystals? Neither can we! Whether you desire a funky or casual look or the ethnic look you want to rock, this pair will not let you down. A hinged snapback closure keeps it convenient for you, and the pair, like all our INOX products, is safe for sensitive and allergic skins.

Style guide: Colored earrings pull of the casual wear look well.


You can start with simple cool studs if you are a beginner. Once you hit it, you will start exploring and loving huggies. Both have their charm and fan base!

Your choice of earrings communicates your fashion tastes and showcases your confidence in how you love carrying yourself. So we are always here to help you with all kinds of choices and guiding you for the best selection.

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