January 05, 2023 2 min read

Every jewelry lover can agree on one thing - diamonds are the best pieces you can have on you. Yet, another painfully obvious fact about diamonds is their extremely high cost. This is why it's a status symbol - a jewelry piece for the rich. However, it should please you to know that diamonds come in varieties.

Naturally formed diamonds are the most expensive, but thanks to cutting-edge jewelry manufacturing technology, we now have lab-grown diamonds. Fortunately, lab-grown diamond jewelry pieces are already in stock in some of the most reliable jewelry stores you can think of, especially stores such as INOX.

Before delving into lab-grown diamond jewelry pieces, you should first have a grasp of its production process.

What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Just as the name suggests, lab-grown diamonds are precious stones created in a carefully controlled environment designed to simulate the one in which natural diamonds are produced. These jewelry pieces bear a striking physical and chemical similarity to natural diamonds.

Are you interested in exploring these pieces? Let's check out some fantastic pieces that may suit your taste.

Iconic Jewelry Pieces from INOX Store

Lab-Grown Diamond Silver Stainless Steel 10mm Miami Cuban Chain Bracelet with Double Tab Box Clasp

What comes to mind when you see this dazzling piece? Naturally, you should be speechless. Both ends of this chain bracelet are endowed with diamonds. This piece contains 0.46-0.47 carats of diamonds. Not only that, this 10mm-wide chain has VS diamond clarity, which means the gem is visually perfect to the naked eye. You can wear it to the office, wedding ceremonies, club meetings, or a dinner date.

Lab Grown Diamond 18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel 10mm Miami Cuban Chain Bracelet with Double Tab Box Clasp

This is the perfect piece for lovers of gold jewelry pieces. It measures 8 inches in length, giving it a snug fit on your wrist. It's also fitted with a double tab box clasp which doesn't just properly secure the bracelet on your arm but is easy to lock and unlock on your own.

It contains 35 artificial, miniature diamond pieces with varying sizes (1.7mm and 1.9mm), all of which are on the clasp of the bracelet. You can wear this stunner to parties or casual events. It's quite a showy piece, so get ready to be the center of attention.

Lab Grown Diamond Silver Stainless Steel 12mm Miami Cuban Chain Bracelet with Double Tab Box Clasp

This is quite similar to the first bracelet suggestion, with some differences. This piece is 12 mm in width, which is perfect for those with thicker arms. This bracelet has a 0.90 to 0.92 carat total weight, which contributes to its total weight as well.

It's best worn with short sleeve shirts to have it on full display. Why splurge the cash on it and not flaunt it right? Thanks to its neutral tone, it can go with any outfit, and its shiny finish adds to its aesthetic appeal.

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