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Jewelry is commonly associated with fashion, as it should be. However, certain jewelry pieces represent something that goes deeper than how good you look. The Om pendant is one such jewelry piece. This pendant has a rich history that transcends the mundane and resonates with the spiritual plus. It has some amazing benefits as well. The beauty of this pendant is that its unique appearance draws you in and presents you with many reasons to wear it. Let's learn what we can about this striking jewelry piece.

History of Om

Om is a mantra widely believed to be chanted by certain sages known as Rishi Munis about five millenniums ago. According to these sages, the divine creator, Brahma, said, "I am one, but may I become many?" This triggered a vibration that materialized into the sound "Om," and this vibration created the world. This sound is referred to as Pranava. Alternatively, it’s described as that which flows through “Prana” (breath) for the sustenance of life. This sound symbolizes the four stages of the Supreme Being. Over time, this spiritual symbol found its way into jewelry fashion.

The Benefits of Om

The Om pendant is a physical representation of the symbol. Want to know why the sages frequently chanted Om and meditated with it? The following are some of the reasons;

It Relieves Stress and Improves your Mood

According to several studies on Om, this chant has been proven to lower adrenaline levels in the body - a prerequisite for stress relief. Practicing the Om chant with great concentration and in a peaceful, isolated environment liberates your mind from noise and distractions. This helps you achieve a state of calmness and purity.

This is particularly beneficial to people who work in high-stress environments. Chanting Om in the early hours of the morning before you go to work can keep your endorphins level at an all-time high. This will energize and refresh you for the rest of the day.

It Strengthens the Spinal Cord

This Om sound is chanted or pronounced as “Aum.” The initial part of this sound positively impacts the spine, and when this sound is chanted over time, it makes it stronger and more efficient.

It Improves your Concentration

Just like meditation and yoga, Om chants help you learn how to isolate your mind and eventually yourself from your immediate environment. This significantly helps you channel your focus and concentrate better.

Om Detoxes the Body

As we mentioned earlier, Om chants lower stress levels, which makes it easier for body detoxification. Meditating with Om chants improves blood circulation in the body. This, in turn, introduces more oxygen into the body. Chanting in concordance with the vibrations helps your body expel a lot of toxins.

Reasons to Wear the Om Pendant

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