February 10, 2023 3 min read

It’s the desire for every man to look fashionable and trendy and our choice of jewelry goes a long way in making this happen. As important as our clothes are, they need to be complemented by the right accessories for full aesthetic effect. Speaking of jewelry, every man must have certain kinds of rings in their collection to look their best this year.

Gold Rings with Cubic Zirconia Gems

Gold rings have a rich history. Initially, they were exclusive status symbols and were only seen on the fingers of the royal and noble classes. As time progressed to the contemporary era, it became the property of the elites in society. Then, it gained name as a classic choice for wedding bands and became symbolic of love and commitment. However, gold rings are not limited to that purpose alone. The shiny and flamboyant look of the 18K Gold Plated Polished Stainless Steel Comfort-Fit Band & Channel Set CZ Band Ring makes gold rings perfect fashion accessories. Gold rings also come in types - there are rose gold rings, yellow gold rings, and white gold rings.

Signet Rings

This ring is a classic. While gold rings were symbols of status, signet rings were symbols of power and were only worn by the king or high-ranking government officials to stamp their seal of authority on important documents. Thanks to modern fashion, signet rings are now more available than they've ever been, and the average man can rock them. Signet rings aren't only trendy; they also boost confidence. Signet rings come in black stainless steel like the Black Stainless Steel Signet Engravable Ring. The ring also comes in silver, gold, gunmetal steel, black & silver, gold & black, etc.

Silicone Rings

It’s nice to take a break from metal jewelry every now and then. Silicone rings make an ideal alternative option for metal rings, especially if you're a handyman or your hands get really sweaty. They're also perfect for men who don't want to take their rings off while in the shower or when they want to cook. Not only are they snug, safe, and skin-friendly, but they are also visually appealing. Look trendy with the Black Silicone Double-Lined Safety Band Ring on your finger.

Silver Rings

Silver rings have always been a trendy piece of jewelry. Their neutral and shiny luster makes them perfect for men who prefer fashion items that ooze elegance and subtlety. Silver rings, just like gold rings, are commonly used as wedding bands. If you want to rock a unique-looking piece, try the Black & Silver Stainless Steel Checkered Ring. Silver rings come in many forms, such as black & silver, darkened silver stainless steel, silver with a matte finish, silver with inlaid cables, etc.

Skull Rings

Skull rings are the way to go if you want to look trendy and cool. Aside from their fashionable appeal, skull rings are loved because of the sense of security and confidence it instills in their wearer. One such ring is the Silver Stainless Steel Grinning Cracked Skull Ring. No one wants to mess with a skull ring wearer. It was popularised by bikers, but anyone can wear it. People also wear this ring because they appreciate the symbolism of the skull, which denotes human mortality.

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