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    Jewelry, at the beginning of its use in the world, was restricted to very few forms and metals. However, as time progressed, human creativity has changed all that to ensure limitless options for fashion lovers. A seemingly unusual-looking but simple-looking jewelry piece - the nylon cord bracelet is one such option.

    Let's dig a little deeper into this jewelry piece and its application in men's fashion.

    What's a Nylon Cord Bracelet?

    This is one more addition to an already rich variety of bracelets. However, the interesting thing about this piece is that it isn't all metal, far from it. It mostly consists of a nylon cord for the body and a small metallic section which is usually the bracelet's clasp.

    The nylon cord is a circle-shaped cord that is produced out of nylon. Nylon cords are thickened through braiding and are commonly referred to by names such as Chinese knotting cord and nylon braided cord.

    What Makes Nylon Cord Ideal for Bracelets?

    The nylon cord has certain qualities which make jewelry manufacturers consider it for making bracelets and other kinds of fashion items. They include;


    The weight of the nylon cord is perfect for making a handy piece like a bracelet. No one likes wearing a heavy bracelet. What kind of accessory will that be? If the nylon cord weighs too heavily, it will be a terrible pick for making bracelets. These are fashion items you should be able to put on every day and not feel the burden of their weight on your arm.

    The nylon cord is lightweight, which makes it the perfect fit for a bracelet. Any noticeable difference in weight will come from the little metal added to it.


    Nylon cords are very durable materials. Consequently, fashion items made out of nylon cords will also last for a long time. Why wear a bracelet with a peak appearance that has a very short lifespan? With a little care and mindfulness, the nylon cord bracelet you purchased today will appear the same or almost the same some years from now.

    That's why purchasing items such as the Silver Stainless Steel Black Reflective Nylon Cord Bracelet is more of an investment than an expense.


    The beauty of this material is how firm it is despite its lightweight. Nylon cords, as we mentioned earlier, are knitted or braided. This strengthens the cord and gives it a secure grip on the knots. During the production of this bracelet, a core cord is used to provide some form of stiffness, which significantly helps keep the bracelet's round shape intact.


    The ironical combination of flexibility and firmness is a beauty that only a few materials possess. Fortunately, the nylon cord is one of them. You can bend this cord in any shape, and still, it retains its flexibility. The Silver Stainless Steel Black Reflective Nylon Cord Bracelet is a perfect example.

    Lustrous Colours

    The last, but definitely not the least, quality we love about the nylon cord is the vibrancy of its colors. The nylon cord comes in different rich colors, giving you several options for bracelets.

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