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Some jewelry ideas were born from creative imitation of certain objects around us. That's why you see pendants being fashioned in the form of a crucifix or anchor. The rope chain, as the name entails, is fashioned to look like a rope. Without a doubt, it's one of the most beautiful types of neck chains you can wear.

As a true jewelry fashion enthusiast, you shouldn't be just drawn to the sheer beauty of this neck chain. There's more to what meets the eye. It also pays to know the benefits and uses of such jewelry pieces. That way, you can even appreciate its beauty more.

What are Rope Chains?

These neck chains have links or strands that are usually woven or braided into a single continuity. The winding design of the chain is so striking that it reflects light from every angle.

Benefits of Rope Chains

They will serve you For Long

Rope chains are very durable jewelry pieces. With the right care, these neck chains can last for several years and still look like you purchased them recently. Also, due to their make which is a single strand of twisted or braided metal, they're hard to break. Pieces like the Silver Stainless Steel 6mm Rope Chain are worth the money you'll pay for them.

There are Many Options to Select From

There isn't just one style, size, or color for rope chains. These pieces define beauty in diversity. Buyers have a lot of options to choose from. There are silver stainless steel rope chains, gold stainless steel rope chains, etc., for colors. For sizes, there are varying lengths and widths for these chains. The 18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel 6mm Rope Chain and Silver Stainless Steel Polished 2 mm French Rope Chain are examples of the variety this neck chain has.

You can Attach them to Pendants.

Rope chains are one of the sturdiest jewelry pieces you'll ever wear. Due to their unique design, they're robust and solid enough to carry the weight of a pendant without strain. This gives you a choice - rock it as a neck chain or attach a pendant.

They Enhance your Appearance

These rope chains have a rugged design, but this doesn't tarnish their aesthetic appeal in any way. These neck chains have a shiny finish, enhancing their design's intricacy.

Rope Chains for Every Occasion

  • French rope chains like the Silver Stainless Steel 6mm Rope Chain have a slim build and a neutral tone. You can wear it with any outfit, including what you wear to the office or formal events. It oozes elegance, but not in a loud or brash way.
  • You can be the center of attention with a showy piece like the Gold Stainless Steel Polished 3.5mm French Rope Chain. The polished gold finish makes it the perfect chain to wear to parties and casual events.
  • Lastly, you can wear French rope chains with everyday wear because of their great tensile strength, so they won't break easily with regular use.

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