December 22, 2022 2 min read

We’re approaching the Christmas season, which means New Year’s Eve is also around the corner. Wouldn’t you want to look memorable on that day? You may have the perfect clothes, but is that enough? Indeed, some jewelry pieces will spice up your New Year's eve look and make you the cynosure of all eyes. Perhaps you have a New Year's eve party coming up; that's enough motivation to head into the New Year looking dapper.

With reliable stores like INOX, men are guaranteed high-quality jewelry pieces which are also pocket-friendly and extremely visually appealing. Let’s explore some fascinating jewelry pieces and see what works.

Gold and Silver Stainless Steel Anchor Design Religious Pendant with Chain

A pendant among pendants. Since we’re all about looking memorable, a jewelry piece that combines gold and silver plating on a stainless steel pendant is the way to go. Not only does this unique-looking pendant mix gold and silver beautifully, but it also combines symbols - a crucifix and sailor's anchor.

Its hybrid design gives it a mysterious appeal, further buttressed by its smooth and shiny finish. The chain is 24 inches long, which falls right on your sternum, not too high or low, just perfect.

The pendant is fitted with a lobster claw clasp. Its standout feature is how the pendant looks -the anchor and chain are plated in gold and centered by a silver crucifix. This is definitely a pendant you can’t get tired of staring at. A real eye-grabber.

Blue & Black Stainless Steel with Gray Carbon Fiber Banded Block Ring

Ring lovers gather here! One lovable thing about rings is their vast variety. A dual-colored ring made of carbon fiber designed with a banded block indeed describes a ring that will give you an appearance that’s hard to forget.

One half of the ring is fully covered in black, while the other half is the banded block with a dash of blue in the middle. Aside from the unique combination of colors and materials, the ring has a rugged surface which somehow enhances its visual appeal. It comes in various sizes ranging from 18-27 inches.

Black Stainless Steel Thick Curb Bracelet

Bracelets can’t be left out of the conversation if you’re looking for jewelry pieces to spice up your New Year's eve's look. Silver stainless steel bracelets are pretty common, but is it every day you set eyes on a black stainless steel bracelet? Certainly not. This makes it the perfect bracelet for you.

The bracelet is 8.5 inches long, which is the perfect length for a man's wrist, which averages 7 inches in circumference. Not too loose, not too tight. This bracelet is also fitted with a push-button clasp which makes it easy to unlock and lock on your arm.

Blue Stainless Steel Denim Fade Collection Curb Cuban Chain and Bracelet Set

This list won't be complete without a neck chain. Not just any neck chain, but the type you'll likely see once a year. This neck chain beautifully combines blue and silver, and it's 22 inches long, which puts it just above your collarbone. The accompanying bracelet is 8.5 inches in length. Both pieces are fitted with lobster claw clasps for a secure grip on your wrist and neck.

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