November 24, 2022 3 min read

Jewelry fashion for men has come a long way and has been a means for men to express their individuality. Earrings for men have been a consistent trend, and many guys are getting on board with it. Can you blame them? There's an appeal to having your ears adorned with gorgeous-looking earrings. Whether you're an earring lover or a guy just trying out his hands on earring fashion, there are particular earrings you should have.

One of the best places you can check out a wide variety of top-quality earrings to choose from is the INOX jewelry store. Some of these earrings have more range than others. This means you can wear them with many outfits, while others are exclusively for parties. You should also know that some earrings look better with a skin type than others. It's the little details that give us the edge in earring fashion.

Speaking about the edge in fashion, let's check out these four must-have earrings you should add to your collection.

Black Stainless Steel Prong Set Round Bali with Black CZ

Bali earrings are one of the best choices for men to rock. However, as you know, earrings come in varieties - form, colour, and design. Bali earrings aren't an exception. This piece of jewelry embodies elegance. Its design is simple, and the black cubic zirconia, which covers half the circumference, enhances its visual appeal. Indeed, this earring will appeal more to lovers of dark-colored jewelry. This earring can be worn with casual wear and to parties.


Its good looks belie its toughness and durability - it's stainless steel, after all. Finally, this earring is fitted with a hinged snap-back closure, making it easy to close without assistance.

Silver Stainless Steel Studs with Look Square CZ Ear

Stud earrings are arguably men's favourite, and silver stainless steel comes out on top when it comes to forming. Now, this piece is made of silver stainless steel, and it's a stud earring. But that's not even all. This earring also has a beautiful square gem sitting on top of it, like the icing on a cake. The CZ set on top adds class to this beautiful jewelry. The CZ comes in various sizes ranging from 5 mm to 8 mm. You can wear this piece with casual or semi-casual outfits. It's fitted with a post & butterfly closure.

Gold & Silver Stainless Steel Grooved Striped Border Huggies

Huggies is another excellent choice when it comes to earrings for men. This piece, in particular, combines gold and silver, although most of the piece is adorned in silver stainless steel with gold on the borders. The design is simple but beautiful. This piece is fitted with a hinged snap-back closure, and it's ideal for semi-casual or semi-formal wear.

Gold Stainless Steel Bali with CZ

This is the gold version of the first piece we talked about. If you prefer gold jewelry, then this is your ideal pick. Unlike silver, gold jewelry is quite showy and flamboyant, so that you may reserve this piece for parties. It will draw too much attention at work. What we love about this piece is the contrast between the white CZ and the shiny lustre of the gold Bali. This piece is fitted with a hinged snap-back closure.

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