November 17, 2022 2 min read

The beautiful thing about jewelry pieces is their variety, whether it's rings, earrings, bracelets, or the focus of this article - chains. However, not necklaces in general. Our focus is on a specific type of chain for men - rattail chains. You may have worn it before as it is a very popular and eye catching design.

While that's not such a bad thing, true jewelry fashion enthusiasts make a conscious effort to be able to identify what they wear specifically. The name is derived from how the chain looks - like a braid or a braided cord. Tightly woven metal with no space in between. Many jewelry stores have them in stock, but we recommend INOX as the best option.

How to Style Rattail Chains?

Styling is an integral part of fashion, and this includes jewelry fashion as well. How you style your rattail chain will determine how good it will look on you.

Styling According to your Taste

Though our love for rattail chains is a common denominator, we all have unique tastes and preferences that will affect our choices when presented with rattail chain options. While some individuals may prefer silver stainless steel rattail chains, others may prefer sterling silver rattail chains or gold stainless steel rattail chains.

Styling According to your Outfit

Always consider the outfit you'll wear because that will determine the rattail chain option. A silver stainless steel or sterling silver rattail chain will be the perfect accessory if you're wearing a corporate, semi-casual or semi-formal outfit. Gold rattail chains will be showier, drawing more attention to you. This makes them better suited for party wear. What better place to show off your jewelry than at a party? None.

Benefits of Rattail Chains

Can be Worn with Almost Anything

The best jewelry pieces are those you can wear with virtually any outfit. Rattail chains generally have a subtle look, making them an excellent accessory to wear with almost any outfit. Rattail chains go with corporate, semi-formal, casual, and party wear.

Comes in Varieties

Like any good jewelry piece, rattail chains come in varieties. This gives you options to choose from. If it's one thing we've noticed, it's that people love having options. Varieties give jewelry lovers the opportunity to experiment with different options and pick what suits them best.

Rattail Chains from INOX

Silver Stainless Steel 3mm Rattail Chain necklace

This piece of jewelry comes in a couple of options for the length. Depending on where you want it to hang, you can opt for the 24-inch or 26-inch length. It's a slim necklace with a width of 3 mm, and it's fitted with a lobster claw clasp for closure. You can wear this to the office and with semi-formal outfits.

18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel 3mm Rattail Chain Necklace

Go for this if you want to turn heads at that party you've been looking forward to. This jewelry piece is 18 carats of pure gold, which makes it 75% gold and 25% stainless steel. It has a couple of length options (24 inches and 26 inches). It's expensive but worth it.

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