February 11, 2021 2 min read

Are you fond of the biker look? Do you want to slay it on your next trip to Ladakh? Here are some cool tips and tricks:

    • Keep your outfit black. Mostly, like black jackets, black jeans, etc. You can add some color like white or grey but make sure the black gets highlighted.
    • Get good biker boots.
    • Accessorise smartly. Wear bold, free-spirited statement jewelry. Last but not least, wear your confidence and smile.

Accessories play a very important role here to communicate your style, confidence, and that flamboyant attitude.

Men's Accessories for bikers

We have the choicest collection of bikers accessories. Check out the following:

  1. Darkened Silver Stainless Steel Motorcycle Engine Ring

Everything that's dark, savage, and bold is what you need for acing the biker look. What’s better than this intricately designed motorcycle engine ring? It looks like an art piece with that killer attention to detail and shouts about the hippie in you.

  1. Black Stainless Steel Super Glossy Grinning Skull Ring

You can always rely on skull jewelry if you want to showcase your strength, robustness, and that 'celebration of life' attitude. There's something so stylishly devilish about that naughty grin this skull ring features. The black glossy surface oozes some extraordinary appeal.

  1. Black Stainless Steel Interlinked Box Chains Bracelet

There’s nothing better than box chain bracelets for that wild, chunky and masculine look. It's black, big, precisely designed, and pulls off that ferocious and maverick look like a pro. Slay it and let the statement bracelet say it!

  1. Darkened Silver Stainless Steel Snake Bracelet

The meticulousness of this bracelet's design is striking. If you like accessories with a distinctive character, you will crush over this one. Snakes stand for fearlessness and wisdom and also for rebirth and regeneration. Snake jewelry has always been popular since ancient times. Also, this bracelet will add a dash of lavishness to your rugged and casual look.

  1. Brown and Black Stainless Steel Hexagon Collection Honeycomb Cross Pendant

If you are unsure what kind of pendant will communicate your personality the best and need an uber-cool and yet safe option, you can always count on Cross pendants. They have existed forever and forever will. Even celebrities resort to the pendant for that stylish look. This honeycomb cross pendant will add a modish and snazzy flavor to that black badass outfit you carry like a boss.

  1. Black and Dark Gray Stainless Steel Truptych Collection CZ ID Tag

If you are looking for something that carries a combination of aristocratic, aesthetic, and aggressive touch, this one is the perfect pick for you. It is neatly designed and conveys your feral side in style. It complements your sporty look well and conveys your unconventional confidence in style.

 Biker Collection

So basically, you have to opt for statement jewelry. Something that makes a statement about your biker personality- bold and carefree. You should opt for skulls, animals, chains, crosses, etc. We have all kinds of designs and colors for representing the uniqueness of every kind of personality. Check out more from our Biker's Collection.

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