January 28, 2021 2 min read

We know how emotionally connected everyone is to their wedding bands. It is your love token and your precious possession. We also know that these might be heavy, too sheeny, extravagant, and inappropriate for daily wear. Working couples need bands that are practically suitable for everyday office wear. So, what can be done?

Titanium rings here come to the rescue! These can be your perfect everyday replacement for traditional wedding bands.

Why titanium rings, you ask?

Titanium rings are lightweight and offer plenty of comfort. Furthermore, these are durable and not at all heavy on your pocket. The luster does not vanish, and these will never give you worn out feels. Moreover, these are strong and hypoallergenic. Available in several designs and colors, these rings will become your favorite alternative in no time.

Check out the following titanium rings:

  1. Silver Titanium Classic 6mm Matte Band Ring

If you like it artful and yet minimalistic and love the matte finishes for its focus on texture, then this one is just for you. The silver color goes practically with all your outfits. The subtlety makes it perfect for your everyday wear, and that matte finish ensures there is no compromise on the lavish feels.

  1. Silver Titanium 5mm Fancy Groove Border Band Ring

If you like it a little fancy but not too sheeny, get this fancy groove border ring. Groove borders are loved for the carved effect that they give. Being a stylish and stunner piece, it also serves your partywear accessory purpose.

  1. Silver Titanium and Black Rubber Stripe Band Ring

The Black Rubber stripe adds a sporty touch and a fine touch of detail to this Silver Titanium ring and makes it a charmer. Whether you are in formals or casuals, this ring, with its exquisite craftsmanship, is best suited to complete your look.

  1. Silver Titanium Ring with Gold Spinner In The Middle

Do you want to part with that heavy gold ring but not with the gold color? We heard you. We know that gold adds grace like none. Confident carries the gold! The gold spinner in the middle of this silver titanium adds appeal to this handsome ring. Furthermore, it goes well when you are buttoned up and even with your ethnic wear.

  1. Silver Titanium with Inlaid Koa Wood Band Ring

INOX makes sure that you get the finest materials and artistic pieces. This ring is special not only because of titanium but also because of Koa wood. Koa wood is considered extraordinary and is also used for making musical instruments. It stands for strength, protection, and sensitivity. This ring is one of our optimal pieces. Those who have a thing for distinctive and quirky accessories will drool over this one!

The best fashion they say is a comfortable fashion. But where do you find it? At INOX! So, get these light, durable, and swagger titanium rings as your wedding band replacement and enjoy comfort in style!

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