February 18, 2021 2 min read

Carbon fiber has always been popular if we talk about its application in aerospace, civil engineering, sports, etc. Because of a number of benefits that if offered, it also entered the jewelry industry with a bang! Carbon fiber is loved for the following properties it provides:

    • It is lightweight, much lighter than metals like gold and titanium.
    • It's durable, making sure your jewelry will last longer.
    • It's strong and loved for its high tensile strength. It'll not get scratches or get damaged because of exposure.
    • It's hypoallergenic, and also, you do not feel any sweat.
    • You do not compromise on the design options. There are plenty.
    • The appearance is modish and royal.
    • Carbon fiber jewelry does not weigh much on your pocket.

People have started using carbon fiber rings as a replacement for traditional wedding bands because couples today are working and need something they can wear daily. Similarly, carbon fiber bracelets are now popular.

Here are some cool carbon fiber jewelry pieces you should check out:

  1. Blue and Black Stainless Steel with Gray Carbon Fiber Banded Block Ring

Blue, black and gray are the colors of men! Ritzy looks, urbane feel, and that unique pattern make this ring bewitching. You can add that cool highlight to your casual and sporty look with this compellingly attractive and lightweight ring.

  1. Silver Stainless Steel & Black Carbon Fiber Bead Skull Bracelet

The confidence of stainless steel and carbon fiber and that savage look due to the grinning skull make this bracelet a sassy piece. You can wear it every day and show off your free-spirited side in style. Feels comfortable and is safe for sensitive skins.

  1. Silver Stainless Steel Screw with Solid Carbon Fiber Band

For those who like to have accessories that showcase their muscly and brawny sides, this carbon fiber ring is the one. That screw prominence looks appealing and makes this ring both daily wear and a party wear go-to accessory.

  1. Silver Stainless Steel & Black Carbon Fiber Religious Cross ID Tag Adjustable Bracelet

This bracelet looks all chunky, bold, and masculine, but it is not all heavyweight, thanks to carbon fiber. So you can look stylish without that extra pressure. The Religious Cross ID is one of the most popular and picked up designs. It gives you all the more reason to go for this dapper bracelet. It adds a highlight touch to both, buttoned-up look or the casual ensemble.

  1. Silver Stainless Steel Ridged Edge with Centre Solid Carbon Fiber Band Ring

With its neat ridged edge and that solid black center, this ring looks subtle, sophisticated, and voguish. Adding a dash of stylishness to your everyday workwear look, this ring is the perfect alternative to heavy wedding bands with gemstones that you find difficult to carry. The design is ergonomic, and the grip feels excellent. 

You can look for more such jewelry on our online store. There’s something for everyone and every occasion!

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