May 06, 2021 2 min read

We know there are people for whom normal is too mainstream. Such people like everything distinctive and premium. They want to have ‘the collection’. That’s why we have some choicest pieces for the ones with a quirky and regal choice.

Have a look at some of our eccentric pieces:

Black and Silver Stainless Steel Roberto Arichi Black CZ Fight Ring

We have this special Roberto Arichi collection featuring the most virile looking and designer pieces. This black and silver stainless steel ring with the neatly engraved FIGHT initials, detailed with cubic zirconia is one of our chartbuster sellers. A comfortable grip, top-notch quality, such attention to detail and the robust feels make it a must-have for your exclusive collection.

Silver Titanium with Inlaid Koa Wood Band Ring

Do you know Koa wood is one of the finest in the world? It is considered solid and pure because it was used to make swords and weapons. Furthermore, it is even now used for making musical instruments. The use of Koa wood in this ring makes it really special. The texture and the color of Koa wood are always unparalleled. It brings a sense of confidence. Moreover, titanium rings are loved for their strength and durability. So if you have been looking for that standout engagement or promise ring, let your search end here. This is your comfy daily wear quirky ring.

Dark Gray Stainless Steel and Zebra Wood Adjustable Block Bracelet

Next up is our Zebra wood bracelet. Zebra wood is loved for its unique and bold striping and the tone quality that looks super captivating. It has been used for several years to make furniture, carvings, jewelry boxes, etc. You’ll crush over this bracelet featuring the block design and the zebra wood with those stripes. It’s adjustable so no sliding off. The embrace feels snug. This one is a perfect party wear piece with its lavish looks. Get ready to hear compliments about your tasteful choice!

Darkened Silver Stainless Steel Brushed Mountain of Skulls Bracelet

If you are statement jewelry lover, you must be aware how popular skulls are in this regard. This mountain of skulls bracelet is again a distinctive and bold party wear accessory for communicating your savage and fearless side. The brushed metal effect adds all the more masculine and rugged flavour to it. A little rolled-up sleeves, this not-so-basic bracelet on your wrists and you are going to be talk of the party.

Darkened Silver Stainless Steel Dad Shield Pendant

Dads are our real life heroes. They are our real life shields. We’ve got something artistic and handsome to symbolise it. This dad shield pendant with its intricacies and tough looks is going to be your favourite go-to accessory because of its appeal and the emotion attached. Let the dad shield always be close to you.

Well, that’s not all folks! We have many more curated pieces. You can check out the complete range at INOX Jewelry. From mainstream to unconventional, we have got you covered.

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