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    Native American Indians are known for their rituals and spiritual beliefs. The Arrowhead symbol appears on most of their artworks and has a deeper meaning for them. It symbolizes bravery, achievements, heroism, spirit guides, and significant event in their life. These days, the arrowhead is also used as a pendant.

    Arrowhead is more than just a weapon. The pointed part of the arrowhead can easily penetrate the skin. The natives use different stones to craft the arrowheads. The designs and styles differ depending on the intended use.


    The Significance of Arrowhead Pendant for Men

    The arrowhead has a sharpened tip placed on an arrow to make it lethal or fulfill a specific goal. Ancient arrowhead is made from natural supplies and stone. But, on trendy occasions, you can use different materials. It is not only used as a fashion statement. For Native American Indians, it has a deeper meaning.

    Ward Off Evil

    Traditionally, it is used as a talisman to ward off the evil eye. It signifies strength, protection, and courage. The natives believed that it could deflect negative energy and let the user absorb their enemy's power.

    Sign of Good Luck or Good Fortune

    The red Indian arrowhead is a symbol of good fortune or good luck. You will be able to unlock the hidden intention if you found an arrowhead while walking. Using the arrowhead is less superstitious today. It is not used as a weapon during the war.

    Free Spirits and Travel Far

    Arrowhead could also signify that the wearer can travel far and fast. The wearer can free his spirits and travel across the galaxy in his dreams. Wearing an arrowhead pendant means a person can soar high in heaven.


    Other Meanings and Symbolism

    Traditionally arrowheads are made from bone, stone, or flint and used on arrows for hunting or protection. If you search for arrowhead pendants that will fit your personality, you must know their symbolic meaning.

    • Khishuuch arrowhead pendant signifies strong willpower and determination to achieve one's goal.
    • Fletcher arrowhead pendant implies, the wearer is a disciplined artist.
    • Loxley arrowhead pendant means good-hearted or helpful and doing good to other people.
    • Assassin arrowhead pendant shows that the wearer is a focused and positive individual.
    • Warhammer arrowhead pendant implies a force that is used for close combat.
    • Turquoise arrowhead pendant is the primary stone used in Dine or Navajo ceremonies and is likewise believed to have healing power.


    Final Thoughts

    Native American Indians believed that wearing an arrowhead pendant is a symbol of strength and protection. It is likewise known as an icon of courage, giving protection to anyone who wears it around their neck. It keeps them protected against negative energy and sickness. With an arrowhead pendant on your neck, you are protected and guarded as you journey through life. Attract positive energy by wearing your necklace with an arrowhead pendant.

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