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How to make your gift extra special? One way is by personalizing it. These days engraving names, symbolic images, dates, or practically everything you want to is easy. Giving a plain bracelet is a thing of the past. The new trend is engraving the recipient's name in the bracelet, pendant, ring, and other jewelry.

There are lots of options for monogramming a lovely piece of jewelry. You can bring it to a higher level by giving something special with your loved one's fingerprints engraved on it or their birth-month flower. It does not matter who you are buying for.

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What To Engrave On Your Jewelry?

You will not run out of ideas with regards to engraving your jewelry. It is not easy to choose. The best way to determine what to engrave is by asking someone close to the receiver. The options are limitless. It can be quotes, symbols, meaningful messages, and motifs.

But first, you have to choose the jewelry. INOX engravable pieces of jewelry are available in various styles and finishes. You can find one that is best for your chosen design to engrave.


Some of the popular symbols you can ask to engrave on your jewelry include zodiac signs, fun emojis, playful and entertaining symbols. You can choose to engrave a small or bigger character depending on what is best for the receiver. This gift idea has a personal touch without going overboard.

Whether you want something spiritual, cute, or romantic, there are many symbols to choose from. This will truly make your selected jewelry extra special. If the jewelry is meant for your other half, you can have the same symbol engraved. 


If you are commemorating a special occasion, you can engrave jewelry with numbers to indicate that date. It can be a birthday, anniversary, engagement, graduation, or anything to remind you of that particular date.


It has been a popular trend for many years. Putting the initials helps you identify the owner of the jewelry. This is one way of personalizing your gift to a loved one or friend. If you want to match your outfit, an initialed jewelry is the best gift you can buy for yourself.

You can go for a necklace or a bracelet with your initials written or your loved one's initials on it. It is also a meaningful gift on Valentine's Day or an anniversary.


This can be one of the unique ideas you probably heard - engraving drawings or doodles on the jewelry. Yes, it is possible. INOX offers lots of options that include hand-drawn designs. You can request to engrave your partner's drawing on your pendant or your child's first drawing.

If you are buying jewelry as a gift for your mom or dad, perhaps you can ask the store to engrave their images on it. There are lots of options to choose from. This will surely make your jewelry extra special.


Memorable quotes are also a popular engraving option. But make sure it is short but meaningful. Search for meaningful quotes to engrave on your bracelet, to remind you every day of how wonderful life is. It is a gift the receiver will surely treasure for a lifetime, and it can be passed on to future generations. Aside from quotes, you can also engrave a sentimental message or lyrics of your favorite song.

Final Thoughts

The best gift you can give your loved ones is engraved jewelry. It will last for a lifetime. Putting initials on it or dates will make your jewelry extra special. The jewelry may not be that expensive, but the effort and unique messages, quotes, drawings, or letters engraved make it priceless.

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