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For most ring collectors, statement rings are vital to their collection. It is a means to express themselves, and the styles are unlimited. The most popular types of statement rings are wedding and engagement rings. You can personalize them using some of the best gemstones on earth.

Generally, statement rings have a large gem or authentic design to make them attractive and eye-catching. But you can go with minimalistic if you are not comfortable flaunting gaudy rings. It does not matter what design to choose. You are wearing it to make a statement.

Here are five statement rings you can consider as suggested by

Colorful Statement Rings

The most common statement ring is the one that involves colors. Red, yellow, blue, purple, green, and white are popular colors to consider. One should pick the one that will complement your outfit and allow you to stand out of the crowd.

If you often wear one or two primary colors, it might be a good idea to find statement rings that complement the colors you usually wear. It is best not to limit yourself with only one statement ring.

Gemstone Statement Rings

It will be a great add-on to your collection if you buy statement rings of various gems. You will always look stunning and stylish in everything you wear. The gemstones are not only beautiful and colorful. They also have meanings.

The most common is the deep red color gem known as ruby. It symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship.

Another popular gem is the opal. It signifies harmony and courage, and the sapphire means to focus and wisdom.

If you want a statement ring with deeper meaning, you can choose a gemstone that symbolizes something you care about. This will make your statement ring extra personal.

Symbolic Statement Ring

Many wear the Irish Claddagh ring forms to show the status of their relationships. This ring has a heart encircled by two hands. If the heart is facing out and worn on the right hand, it means you are single.

In case the heart is facing inward, it means the wearer is in a relationship. For engaged, the heart is facing out and worn on the left hand, and if the heart is facing inward, it means you are married.

To signify that you have lost a loved one, you can wear a heart and padlock rings. It means you cherish your deceased loved one's memories.

The ring with a chevron design has lots of meanings. The Celts used it to signify the arrowhead of a warrior or hunter.

To signify friendship, eternity, or love, wear a knot ring.

Cute and Quirky Statement Ring

If you want something unique for your statement ring, you can have an object as the center of your jewelry. You can add your favorite animal, food, flower, or cartoon character to make it cute and quirky.

A word engraved on your ring can make your jewelry very unique and personal. You can put your initials on it or some words with special meaning and memorable for you.

Metal Statement Ring

For a bolder but simple statement ring, wear one with solid metal at the center. You can have the metal shaped into a chic and stylish look that will not overwhelm your eyes with added bling. You can either keep it simple or bold depending on your preferences.

Woven or braided metal statement rings are stylish and eye-catching. You can make it plain or designed with gems. This style is perfect for your collection.

Final Thoughts

Statement rings are a way to express your personality and the style you want to impart. The center of your ring signifies something like your status, mood, and feelings. You can own as many statement rings as you wish, just don’t make it blingy.

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