April 29, 2021 2 min read

There is something so alluring about the sporty look because it is athletic, easy-going, manly and stylish.

So, the trick is to wear everything that gives casual and rugged feels. A cool t-shirt, track pants, denims, Bermuda, shorts, sports shoes and some right accessories will do.

Accessories are to your ensembles what spices are to food. So, to add the correct flavor, check out these attentively chosen pieces from INOX Jewelry:

Gym Look 

Black Stainless Steel Gray Carbon Fiber Double Layer Banded Ring

Carbon fiber jewelry is the latest swank because it is lightweight, strong, durable and amazingly snazzy. One can experiment with several designs and colors. This one with the gray tints is one of our chart topping jewelry pieces with its jazzy looks. The double layer makes it look all the sturdier. You will love how the grip is drooling-good and the design is so ergonomic.

Dark Gray Stainless Steel Brushed 8.7mm Curb Chain Bracelet

How to look like a sporty swagger? It is actually quite simple. You just need to grab a good chain bracelet from our collection.

Curb chains are a popular choice because of the good heavy links. Your bracelet won’t keep sliding off so it is a comfy every day wear bracelet.

Silver Stainless Steel 3mm Polished Rounded Box Chain

Your chain is going to get the first notice. Make it worth the stare they say! This polished rounded box chain will be a versatile accessory for your any day sports look. In case you want to complement it with a pendant, keep that subtle and not overstated unless you have a wide stature.

Black Stainless Steel Small Round Dome Studs

Nothing is more attractive than the studs. Tell us a hotter combination than round and black! This pair is minimalistic and yet so enticing. Pair it with any sporty casuals and watch how these add a dash of handsomeness to your personality. Hello, Charmer!

Dark Gray and Silver Stainless Steel Chunky Inlaid Cable ID Tag 

If you have that brawny gym body, we have something to add the highlight touch. This chunky pendant will be the partner in crime in getting you just the right order. The inlaid cable design is so well-suited to add a rugged flavour to the ID tag.

Other suggestions

    • You can also opt for daily wear silicone rings. Sporty, smart and comfort galore.
    • If you like it a little bold, go for some statement rings, bracelets and chains. Check out the Black and Silver Stainless Steel Knuckle Bolt and Skull ring. Distinctive design for that ravening personality.
    • Apart from chain bracelets, even bead bracelets and kadas bring out the sporty look well.

We have got you covered for all kinds of tastes and preferences.

Styling tips

    • Do not overdo the accessories. Let the look come out as 'effortless'.
    • You can add sunglasses, watch and a cap if you are going for some kind of sporty adventure.
    • Match metals to give the best impression.
That is some good fashion sense.


Go get the sporty look rolling!

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