September 08, 2022 2 min read

If you're a jewelry lover and haven't heard of or worn CZ, that's a fashion crime. CZ is the holy grail of jewelry. Why? Because it's the answer to the prayers of jewelry lovers who can't afford diamond pieces. CZ is short for Cubic Zirconia. It's more or less the cheaper substitute for the diamond but high-quality in its own right. CZ is created in labs and used to decorate jewelry pieces such as rings, necklaces, neck chains, and even bracelets.

Why CZ Jewelry?

CZ is a faux or false diamond. Its production attained a commercial scale in the 70s. It took only a short time to gain popularity because less affluent people could wear flamboyant pieces for much less. CZ is bulkier but not as hard as diamond. However, it produces more color flashes than diamonds. To the untrained eye, it might as well be a diamond.

If you're already in love with CZ, we ought to indulge you in some options the INOX store offers.

18K Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Miami Cuban Chain Bracelet & CZ Double Tab Box Clasp

If you're a sucker for gold on your wrist, this is for you. This chain bracelet has a thickness of 10 mm, which gives it a bold presence that is easily noticeable. The major aesthetic appeal goes beyond the shiny golden luster of this bracelet. This bracelet comes with a double tab box clasp studded with CZ. This gives off a look you can't get tired of. It's a very flamboyant piece, so we recommend it for parties. It's a show-stopper.

Silver Stainless 10mm Miami Cuban Chain Bracelet with CZ Double Tab Box Clasp

This is the silver version of the jewelry mentioned above. It's perfect for those who prefer silver jewelry pieces. The clasp is also studded with CZ, but it's less obvious with this bracelet because the faux gem is set against a backdrop of silver, which is also a neutral color. This gives it a more subtle look. It comes in varying lengths; 8 and 8.5 inches. Since it's more subtle than gold, you can wear it with semi-formal and casual wear.

Silver Stainless Steel Miami Cuban Chain & CZ Double Tab Box Clasp

CZ-studded neck chains are one of the best-looking neck chains to rock. This particular piece comes with an irresistible shiny luster and a lobster claw clasp studded with CZ. This mid-length neck chain comes in 22 inches (designed to hang on the clavicles) and 24 inches (designed to hang just below the clavicles). You can rock this with casual wear and to parties.

18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel Miami Cuban Chain & CZ Double Tab Box Clasp

This list won't be complete without a CZ-studded neck chain for gold lovers. As you know, gold is more flamboyant than silver, so this neck chain will surely draw the gazes of onlookers. Also, its lobster claw clasp is beautified with cubic zirconia studs, forming a visually appealing contrast with the gold. This piece only comes in 24 inches of length for now. It's perfect for parties and casual wear.

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