September 02, 2022 3 min read

A lot of unconventional fashion trends have come and gone. While some have faded into oblivion, others have etched themselves into our memories. Now there's a new fashion trend that will appeal to lovers of unconventional fashion; mismatched earrings. This trend is a breath of fresh air from the conventional display of earrings we're already used to seeing. Now people don't have to bother about wearing identical earrings for that sparkle.

What's the Appeal with Mismatched Earrings?

Mismatched earrings as a trend didn't just burst onto the fashion scene out of the blues; it started gradually with subtle displays here and there. You see glimpses of it on runways and in music videos. The origin of unconventional jewelry fashion didn't even begin with this particular trend. Initially, it was the use of unconventional engagement rings. The wedding bands, which were traditionally gold or silver stainless steel, diversified their options to include black stainless steel, carbon fiber, titanium, and so on.

Mismatched earrings have massive fashion appeal because people love associating with the unconventional. It's also the kind of trend that draws people out of their comfort zone to achieve a new look. Don't believe us? Check out Black Stainless Steel Dangling Spike & Prong CZ Stud and picture how it will transform your look. You can rock this to parties with casual and semi-formal wear.

Why Rock Mismatched Earrings?

Let's give you a few reasons why mismatched earrings should add to your jewelry collection.


Fashion speaks. Yep. What you wear conveys a particular message to onlookers. Wearing clothes that don't stand out, earrings to match, or non-statement jewelry pieces convey to onlookers that you want to look good and blend in. You don't want attention and are certainly not interested in leaving your comfort zone.

On the other hand, going for bold looks such as statement jewelry pieces, flamboyant outfits, and mismatched earrings communicates that you love attention and demand it. This expresses your confidence to onlookers. After all, it takes confidence to experiment with mismatched earrings and leave your comfort zone. Rocking mismatched earrings can be a good way to improve your confidence.

It Complements What You Wear

Surprised? Don't be. Identical earrings complement your outfits, but so can mismatched earrings as long as you know how to wear them. The trick is going easy at first. Stick to safe color choices (neutral colors) for your clothes, wearing minimal jewelry, and you can begin with mismatched studs. At this stage, you're experimenting till you get the hang of it.


How to Select Mismatched Earrings?

This is where you can get this trend wrong or right. 'Mismatched earrings' is a term that people can easily mix up. The hack to this trend is to still rock earrings that complement each other. While the earrings are not the same, they ought to be similar in at least one of the following qualities:


It doesn't matter if your earrings are opposites in shape or size. If they share a common theme, they can complement each other.


You can combine earrings such as spikes & studs. They should look similar in terms of color combination. A good example is Gold Stainless Steel Dangling Spike & Prong CZ Stud.


Your earrings can be different in other areas, but their colors should be complementary. For instance, black and silver, black and blue, blue and yellow, black and white, etc.

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