September 15, 2022 2 min read

The dog tag pendant has a fascinating history. Unlike most jewelry pieces, it didn't start as a fashion accessory. It was and still is a practical part of a serviceman's gear- their ID tag precisely. While they are still being used actively in the military, these dog tag necklaces are now relevant fashion accessories as well. 

The dog tag necklaces used for fashion vary slightly from the bland tags used by military personnel as they should be. Dog tag pendants are customizable, which makes them more expressive and, of course, more aesthetic. We wouldn't have it any other way. Dog tags are most popular with adolescents and young adults. If you want to join the train and rock dog tags, you'll probably need some ideas or recommendations to consider.

Tungsten Carbide Monolith Pendant with Chain

This piece appeals to a variety of jewelry lovers. If you're a sucker for silver jewelry and dog tags, you get the best of both with this piece or something similar. It's made up of a slim, sleek silver chain, but that's not even the highlight of its aesthetic appeal. A cute, slim, and stylish-looking warped monolith pendant hangs on this silver necklace. They combine to give off an irresistible look that will captivate even those who aren't fans of dog tags.

You can rock this dog tag pendant for parties, casual wear, and even semi-formal wear. Its silvery hue makes it a perfect complement to black or dark suits. In fact, you can wear it with any outfit; one of the perks of rocking neutral-colored jewelry.

18k Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Box Chain with Anchor Pendant

This looks like a typical dog tag pendant in terms of build and make, but this piece is blessed with a rich golden hue. This is a striking piece of jewelry, and it appeals to those who prefer gold jewelry pieces. Its box chain is slightly thick and combined with an anchor dog tag pendant. It's more or less a statement dog tag pendant because it's that kind of piece that demands attention. This jewelry is best suited for parties and casual wear.

Black Stainless Steel and CZ Crocodile Print Dog Tag Pendant with Chain

This is a unique-looking piece. It's made with a crocodile print texture on stainless steel. It combines both aesthetically to create a look that isn't easily forgotten. The dog tag has a CZ on the edge and gives a very royal look. It hangs on an immaculate-looking silver stainless steel box chain. It's the kind of jewelry piece you can't rock in an office. However, it's best suited for parties and casual wear.

Antiqued Finish Gunmetal and Gold Stainless Steel Angel Wing Dog Tag Pendant

You can sum up this piece in two words; simple and elegant. It has the look of the traditional dog tag pendant but has certain distinctive elements. Its rich gunmetal color, the antique finish of the pendant, and the hammered angel wing embellishment. If this was all gunmetal, it would have achieved a subtle look, but a speck of gold stainless steel on the upper part of the embellishment makes it stand out. We recommend wearing this to parties and with casual wear.

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