August 26, 2021 2 min read

For most people, chains are just chains. They all look alike, and there's no such difference. But, in reality, chains are of various types, which serve different occasions and purposes.

Let us look at some of the most popular types of chains we have in our store.

Chains for men

Ball Chain

Ball chains, also known as bead chains, consist of small balls or beads in place of regular links. These are placed adjacent to each other at regular intervals in the chain. The balls can be either hollow from inside or solid, depending upon the weight.

Box Chain

A box chain is made up of flat, square links that resemble smooth boxes. The boxed links are folded over each other to create eye-catching patterns. It has some other variations like half-round and round. The half-round chain has slightly rounded links interlocked. The box chain has interconnected links that are round in shape.

Cable Chain

Cable chain is the most traditional link jewelry that most people love. It is popularly known for its oval and uniform links interlocked together, making it the most classic type of necklace. Usually, they are worn as plain gold chains or those with small pendants.

Curb Chain

The gold curb chain is the most common and popular type of chain among men as it has interlocks of a bigger size. The interlocks are identical in shape and size, unlike those in Figaro chains. They are mostly in round or oval shape and twisted to connect with one another.

Figaro Chain

Figaro chains are similar to curb chains in design. However, it doesn’t have a uniform shape or size as in the curb chains. It is usually made creatively by repeating patterns throughout the length of the chain. So, it is like shorter links alternating between the longer ones though these too have twisted and flattened rings. These come in both shorter and longer lengths.

Rope Chain

As the name suggests, rope chains look similar to ropes. They are made by linking and twisting together like a braid. The heavy rope chains are worn without any pendant and making that their attention. They also come in delicate versions, where they are worn as pendant necklaces.

Wheat Chain

The Wheat or Espiga Chain (as it is commonly named) has four strands of intertwining links that are oval in shape and are braided and twisted in a single direction, which makes it look eye-catching. It looks similar to a rope chain and has a smoother texture. When viewed from a side, these exhibit a wheat-like v-pattern of links. Generally, wheat links are thicker than those in French rope chains. In addition, it has a variation in which the links are square. Thus, its name is Square Wheat Chain.

 Mens chains

These were just seven types of chain styles. There are many more chains, including snake chain, anchor chain, parallel chain, trace chain, and Bechler chain. All have unique textures, patterns, and significance. You can check these out on our online store and flaunt them as per the occasion.

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