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Some of us don't like to settle for less. We want to wear flashy and elegant jewelry and something that carries a message about who we are. It has to be something that attracts good energies and high vibrations.

If profound meanings are what you are drawn to, INOX Jewelry has just the right picks for you.

We have pendants that you will resonate with, that will associate you with your spirit animals, communicating your personality like none. On top of that, you won’t compromise on the vogueishness.

Spearhead Pendant

Our ancient heroes and warriors carried spears for their protection. These pointy-head weapons helped them in safekeeping and symbolized courage and robustness.

So if you wear a spearhead pendant, you are associating your energies with strength, security, and toughness. Spearheads are loved for these deep meanings attached to them.

Moreover, the vintage feel of these pendants makes them all the more fascinating. Check out the Gold and Silver Stainless Steel Oxidized Finish Antique Spearhead Pendant.

Spearhead Pendant

Wolf Head Pendant

Wolf is believed to be one of the most spiritually awakened hunters. He is gifted with a fantastic gut feeling. A wolf is his guardian. He makes his own decisions based on his far-sighted vision. Moreover, wolves are loyal.

So if you are drawn to the wolf head pendant, it means the wolf is your spirit animal, indicating your association with devotion, constancy, and custodianship. So flaunt that wolf head and always trust your instincts for life-changing decisions.

You can also shop for this aesthetic Darkened Silver Stainless Steel Fierce Wolf Head Pendant here.

Chinese Lion Head Pendant

If you are that bold leader who is always striving for excellence, then the Chinese lion head is for you. Moreover, the Chinese lion is considered very auspicious in Chinese culture, and hence you see the lion dance on their special days. It is associated with good fortune.

The Chinese lion head pendant is the best choice for consistency, continuous superiority, and unparalleled charisma and strength. Go lead like a lion and be unstoppable. The Darkened Silver Stainless Steel Chinese Lion Head Pendant is one of our hot picks.

Arrowhead Pendant

If it is the negative energy that bothers you, then scare off the evil with an arrowhead pendant. It is going to protect you like an angel and safeguard you from enemies and sickness.

It is also believed to be a good luck charm. So carry your protection and good fortune along like a boss with an arrowhead pendant. You will crush over this Gold Stainless Steel Antique Finish with Red Leather Cord Arrowhead Pendant.

Bullet Pendant

For the ones with an unwavering attitude in times of adversity, bullet pendants are a perfect pick. The brave carry a bullet! As far as the spiritual meaning of a bullet is concerned, it is associated with warmth and gratitude.

You can get Silver Stainless Steel with Black Carbon Graphite Bullet Pendant from our collection.

 Bullet Pendant For Men

So what’s your meaningful personality story? Tell it to the world with INOX.

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