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What is stopping you from looking your best and winning the world? What’s stopping you from dressing like the person you want to become?

Well, if it is some inhibition or insecure feeling because of a lack of right styling advice, we promise to be your savior today.

Jewelry for men

Here is the ultimate guide for you to choose your everyday jewelry.

Ask yourself- what is your style?

Everyone has a style- something that is personal to them. Some of us are fond of basics, while some like it quirky. Some prefer to wear at least one piece of sentimental jewelry that has some emotion attached to it, and then there can be several other styles.

So your everyday jewelry is supposed to speak about your style. Choose it accordingly.

Keep it minimalistic and natural.

There are two kinds of attention that jewelry can get you. First, if you are wearing something basic but complement it with some genteel jewelry, it can spruce your look and give you just the perfect kind of attention.

If you are overdoing accessories to focus only on the 'extra jewelry,' then that is undoubtedly not the desired kind of attention.

Keep it natural, especially if you are choosing jewelry for daily wear. So if you are going to the office, a stainless steel bracelet and a stainless steel ring would be just perfect for your office look. That looks sophisticated and lavish.

What matches your wardrobe?

This is no secret. If you are wearing formals, your jewelry has to be in accordance and if you are hitting the gym, keep it sporty with those track pants. Learning jewelry appropriateness makes your life easy-peasy.

It's not always about the trends.

Suppose neon-colored bracelets are in trend, but you do not like to carry something bold and quirky. So you will not feel confident while wearing such jewelry.

Don't be bound by rules. The only rule is to smile and carry your confidence with the jewelry that suits your style the best.

Take care of your pocket.

If you wear jewelry every day and say you also like to experiment, you got to be an intelligent investor. Choose jewelry that is not heavy in your pocket. Make use of varieties instead.

Gone are the days of just precious metals and heavy stones. Instead, people have started opting for stainless steel, titanium, silicon, etc. So you should choose wisely.

Comfortable fashion accentuates your look.

The best advice of all is to never compromise on comfort. Fashion is supposed to be comfortable.

Let your wrist not feel the burden of a bracelet or your neck fall because of that chain.

Choose a stylish embrace that also feels snug and that you can carry effortlessly.

Our styling experts understand personalities, trends, and appropriateness of jewelry as per occasion and needs. So INOX JEWELRY has carefully chosen every kind of men’s jewelry that needs to be in your accessory box.

 Everyday Jewelry for men

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