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Traditionally worn by military members, dog tag pendants make a statement piece. They are not just fashionable but also creatively designed, lightweight, and unique.

Isn’t it astonishing to invest in a pendant that is resistant to corrosion? And the best part, they are easy to clean with mild soapy water and a soft brush.

So, whether you are planning to gift it to someone or get it for yourself, do not forget to check out the below-mentioned 5 Dog Tag pendants, which are unique and chic:

Dog Tags

1. Silver Stainless Steel Dome ID Tag Pendant

With an approx. length of 50mm and a width of 24mm, this classic dog tag is a go-to choice for most working professionals. The pendant is versatile and easy to carry. Above all, it is evergreen, and you can wear it for years to come. Moreover, the smooth steel of the tag doesn't get tarnished and makes it an ideal choice for tropical climates.

You can also carry it to parties, despite its leek, sleek and plain texture. It is ideal for casual events.

2. Silver & Green Stainless Steel Columbian Football Team Small Cut-Out Pendant

Another ideal choice for tropical climate due to its non-tarnishing properties, this Silver & Green Stainless Steel Columbian Football Team pendant is ideal for party wear. Its length is around 40mm and has a width of approx. 22mm. Moreover, it has a green ion-plating which is done using an innovative surface finishing technique for stainless steel jewelry.

3. Silver Stainless Steel Engravable ID Tag with One Cubic Zirconia Pendant

This silver stainless steel antique-finish tag comes with one cubic zirconia pendant. It gives you a matte-like finish and is smooth and comfortable. All these make it an ideal option for everyday wear.

Investing in this tag would prove to be one of your best purchases as it doesn’t get tarnished and can be cleaned gently.

4. Black Stainless Steel Inlaid Cable ID Tag

With a chain-length of 24 inches, this stainless-steel tag comes with an advanced surface finishing technique in Black-ion Plating. The pendant has a rope-like structure in it that gives it a casual look though it is also ideal for you to flaunt at parties.

Although its cost may seem a bit on the higher side, it is hypoallergenic for people who are prone to allergies and skin irritation. 

5. Gold & Black Stainless Steel with Black CZ Accent Modern Dog Tag Pendant

Made with gold & black stainless steel, this Modern Dog pendant looks like a wooden piece with black CZ stones, giving it a charming look. It comes along with a chain that is 24 inches in length and a pendant of 40*23.8 mm.


It is really bold to flaunt dog tags even if you are not a military person. It is just how you look at it. Just remember to keep your tag away from perfumes, aerosol, harsh detergents, and ultrasonic cleaners, then you are good to go.

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