• Black Stainless Steel 6mm Matte Finish Beveled Wedding Band Ring


    Indian Ring Size:

    The Black Stainless Steel 6mm Matte Finish Beveled Wedding Band is an ideal choice for tropical climates because it will not oxidize or tarnish. It's also perfect if you want to wear this piece at work or during other occasions where maintaining a clean appearance matters most!

    The ring is made of high-quality material that will last for years. It has a sleek and simple design, making it perfect to wear everyday without being too flashy.

    • Width: Approximately 6 mm
    • Lead-Free, Hypoallergenic (Non-Toxic): Safe for Allergy-Prone and Sensitive Skin
    • Black Ion Plated (Advanced Surface Finishing Technique for Stainless Steel Jewelry)

    Metal Tone

    Black Tone


    Stainless Steel


    Ion Plating (Physical Vapor Deposition)




    One Year Manufacturer's Warranty


    Clean in Mild Soapy Cold Water with a Soft Brush


    Exposure to Perfumes, Aerosol, Harsh Detergents and Ultrasonic Cleaners

    What is Ion Plating?

    The Ion Plating Process is the most advanced surface finishing technique used to treat Stainless Steel Jewelry. During the Process, a thin layer of condensation (Titanium Nitrate) is added to the base metal in vapor form. This settles into the metal and leaves the surface harder and brighter. Products that have undergone the Ion Plating Process have been tested to be 8X stronger and tend to be more durable when compared to other plating methods (such as electro-plating/electro-coating).

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