Silver Tone Stainless Steel 10mm Miami Cuban Chain with CZ Double Tab Box Clasp


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This 10mm Stainless Steel Silver Tone Miami Cuban Chain Necklace features CNC precision set Cubic Zirconia and a double tab box clasp. It is made from high-quality stainless steel for superior durability and strength, and is available in lengths of 22 inch and 24 inch.

  • Chain Length: Please Select Size
  • Chain Width: Approximately 10 mm
  • Closure: Hinged Clasp
  • Lead-Free, Hypoallergenic (Non-Toxic): Safe for Allergy-Prone & Sensitive Skin

Metal Tone



Stainless Steel, CZ







One Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Clean in Mild Soapy Cold Water with a Soft Brush.

Exposure to Perfumes, Aerosols, Harsh Detergents, and Ultrasonic Cleaners.

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