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Have you always wanted to rock the multi-beaded stacked bracelet look like Salman, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Music Mogul Jay-Z? Do you feel overwhelmed on where to start your collection and are looking for a meaningful story behind each piece? Well… think no more because a great piece to start off with as your first (or add to your awesome collection) is the INOX Jewelry Shamballa Bracelet 😊

Why? Because it the story of Shamballa is badass! You can totally take a piece of this with Shamballa prophecy and make it yours. Legend has it that Shamballa is a beautiful secret city somewhere in the snow-capped mountain ranges. In Sanskrit, Shamballa roughly translates to ‘Land of Peace’ or ‘Land of Silence.’


Prophecy of Shamballa

Many explorers have set out to find this utopian city (and some swear they have set foot in this beautiful place), but no one has ever been able to identify its exact location. People believe it’s somewhere in Eurasia. It’s a place that thrives on balance, harmony & love. People also believe it’s a place between our physical realm and spiritual realm of reality. Some believe that the entrance to this secret city is through an abandoned Tibetan monastery that is guarded by special beings who are deemed the “Guards of Shamballa.” People can only enter this secret city if they have clean hearts and the purest intentions.

What’s interesting is that this mystical place exists in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. According to Tibetan Buddhist folklore, the capital of Shamballa is Kalapa. It forms the shape of a beautiful lotus flower surrounded by snow-capped mountains and Kalapa is at the heart of the Lotus. This is also where the current King (also known as Kalki), Aniruddha, reigns over his throne. Hindus believe that the last reincarnation of Lord Vishnu will be in the form of King Raudra Chakrin. The Shamballa prophecy states that the year will be 2424 and the world will be in an awful state. There will be so much evil in the world that Shamballa’s king (Vishnu reincarnated) will lead an army to fight evil and usher the world into the Golden Age. In the year 2424, mankind would most be fighting a war with Artificial Intelligence (like Terminator), don’t you think? Stephen Hawkins also said that his fear is Artificial

Oh yes, and did I mention that the city of Shamballa has flying space ships and technology that so advanced it’s beyond our understanding. What a cool place this must be, don’t you think? 

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Healing Powers of Shamballa

Shambhalla Bracelets have healing powers. The belief is that the person who wears these bracelets goes through four stages before he realizes the bracelet’s true powers.

In stage one, the individual is busy working on himself. At this point, the individual focuses on himself and harnesses his healing powers within. This is where he gains inner strength. Once he has gained his inner strength, he can now move to helping others. The individual grows from his journey of conquering themselves and can now help others in healing. In stage three, The individual he gains more knowledge and power. He can send healing to individuals in who are geographically distant from him. During the final stage, he has mastered his powers and can now use the healing medicinal energy powers to help everyone on their healing journeys to live a happy life filled with love.


Colors of Shamballa

Shamballa bracelets come in various colors and materials that have different meanings. Inox Jewelry has a fun collection of classic bracelets in stainless steel.


Black Beads Symbolizes: Power, Elegance, Strength, Classic, Prestige, Mystery & Luxurious



Silver/White Beads Symbolizes: Purity, Clarity, Enthusiasm, Deep Thoughts, Introspection, Spirituality & Inspiration


So what are you waiting for? Get your Shamballa Today!


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